Delivery Fail

in #steemitlife5 months ago


Hey there's steemit fans as well as Gamers and Anime lovers! I made a birthday arrangement that stood about 2 feet high & 2 in 1/2 feet wide. I shipped out the arrangement, and the packagd arrived to the birthday kid within 3 business days. That part I was happy with!

The problem I had was in the packaging, making it to its actual location. I thought I package it pretty well. I put foam core stuffing as well as supports on all of the box edges. I wrote Fragile on top so it wouldn't have too much weight on the box. Unfortunately the balloons didn't make it all the way.

Any recommendations how I can keep my balloons and cut outs intact, when I'm putting together the package? I'm going to try another one hopefully this week or next and I'm going to try shrink wrapping the arrangement. I'll see how it goes. Let me know your insights