Thank you. This was the first time I've come across the steemitjam but I bet the other ones had some interesting entries. I would be up for trying this again sometime in the future. Maybe we'll end up taking part in the same one possibly down the track. Thanks for reading.

yea hopefully. at one point i was really interested in gamejams. but right now i'm too busy with this 2d platformer project i'm doing.
anyways i love gamejams because it forces you to complete a game. when most projects end up getting scrapped.

Cool. What are you using to make the platformer (i.e. engine etc)?

no engine for the project i'm working on. just a bunch of python modules. pygame, steempython, pyinstaller, etc. it's been a very long time since i created something without an engine. but it's fun!

Sounds cool. I've never used python.