Steemit Hacks for Newbies – Creating A Post & Handy Hints

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Welcome to Steemit =D

Don’t worry this place won’t seem so crazy in a few weeks time once you’ve received a rather large information overload… crypto what? SBD and STEEM aren’t the same thing? Yeah I and everyone else has been there.

This post will try to provide you with some tools and hints that will make your steemit journey an interesting one. I don’t have all the answers I have too many questions myself but this is how I learnt and understood the world you have just entered.

Firstly I should point out, you don’t get rewards without putting the work in, I’ve been a Steemian since June/July and spend many evenings creating articles and creating interesting content and writing posts like this to share the knowledge I have accrued in life.

Usually I find the best posts are the ones where someone is clearly sharing the knowledge of something they are passionate about.

1- Mobile User- Use Word to type your post and then paste into steemit.

If you use steemit on your mobile its easier to write a post in Word or another word processing tool. You can see the screen easier and the amount of text. It is also a better spell checker!

2- Adding images after you’ve edited a post?

You’ll notice after posting you are able to edit a post this is handy, however a small limitation is you have lost the use of the image uploader. This flunked me for ages. Until I discovered an uploading tool online which provides you with the correct link required.
All you do is upload the image(s) you want, and in then you will be presented with a a variety of links and use the second markdown one in the list.


3- Find people/posts of things you like

So if you play the whole twitter follow me follow back game your steemit feed will be flooded with posts your not really interested in. The search tool in steemit itself doesn’t do a too bad job of finding users who have posted something that you have searched on, however a lot of the stuff could not be what you’re looking for.

So use on here you can search for a term such as “Gardening” and this will show you users who have listed that hobbies in the profile section of their steemit accounts.

That way you can ensure that you followers will like your posts as they will have similar interests.

4- Competitions, Giveaways, and Raffles

There are loads of weekly, daily competitions on steemit in a variety of areas. Search them out whether it be photography, art, googly eyes there are loads.

@becometheartist has a weekly posting of the variety of creative competition
@photocontests a variety of photography contests such as landscape, animal, street etc
@pennsif has a fiction writing contest
@foxtales Create Stories from an image
To name just a few that I have personally know of. You can also use the tags for contests to see what is running.

6 – Discord/Steemit Chat

Steemit is a great way to showcase your thoughts, desires, hard work or day to life however there is no built in communication tool like for example FB Messenger other than the comments. There are sites and chat channels like Discord and Steemitchat where you can join in the conversation in your topic of interest.

7- Like Instagram?
Check out @Steepshot works a lot like Instagram its linked to your steemit account and you can post from an app on your phone and view photos in a similar fashion to Instagram.

8- Don’t let language barriers stop you
Google Translate is a wonderful tool, and although I wouldn’t expect it to be translated perfectly, it can give you a good enough translation. Just either use the built in translate function in some browers or copy the text you want to read and paste into the website google translate.

9- Don’t be put off if something you are trying to understand doesn’t make sense. Search for similar articles and with the wealth of information available you will find someone who explains it in a way you understand.

10 - Enjoy it and discover new things!!


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FYI, the fresh list of traditional art and crafts contests just went out :)

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 25/12-31/12 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

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