Up-voting your own comments?

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what does everyone think about this?

I feel like my comment should be auto up-voted when I post? this is done with a new post, why not a comment?

I don't know the reason so I am asking but that is my POV at the moment.
Is there a protocol for this?



I've stopped upvoting my own things initially just so I'm not wasting my SP if it doesn't get any other attention, but once there's an amount showing because other people have voted I vote myself up.

what do you mean wasting your SP? I didn't think it was taking my SP away when i vote for something.....!

I don't see my SP going down when i vote on things, could you explain?

Not SP, voting power. Sorry. That's what I get for responding while I'm at work.

ah no worries.

voting power reduces the weight of your vote by how much you're voting?
I need to read more about this....

I think there is a correlation with it, but to be honest I'm not even 100% sure.

No it doesn't use your SP it uses your VP (Voting Power). You can check on steemd under your user name to see what it is. I think it replenishes roughly every 24hrs and is a percentage (0-100). Every time you vote or post it goes down.

As for self upvoting I commented on this too in my last post here:

The TLDR of it is that I think there should be a cap of value on self-voting payments e.g. $1. This would help reduce the impact of whales and big SP holders self-voting themselves right to the top. For minnows it doesn't really matter because the impact is tiny.

great thanks for the information.

It does seem a bit strange, its like a punishment for spending time on the site.
it does prevent spamming i suppose but there is a time delay for that..

Thanks for the link too I will check out your point of view too.
Just about whales, they obviously have more weight with their vote for other people so I don't see why it should be capped for themselves. If they can make other people posts visible they should be able to do it for themselves? I think this is in the interest of steem and how are continuing to incentivise holding steempower