Steem Update 0.16.0 Infographic Preview, be prepared for the upcoming STEEM Hardfork

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Steemit Update Version 0.16.0has been postponed and rescheduled for December 6th. No official release has been published at this time, but should be published at least 7 days prior to the Hardfork. The proposed Hardfork Version 16 has been postponed to allow more time for Developers to work on coding and testing needed to ensure stability

Developers are constantly findings ways to improve Steemit while working on STEEM's Blockchain, keep in mind that we are still in BETA stage, it hasn't been a year yet. Before we go in details, I would like you to understand the term '' Hardfork'' as it may be unfamiliar for many beginners out there, especially for new Cryptocurrency Adopters

The term itself relates to Blockchain technology, a Hardfork is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid (or vice-versa), and as such requires all nodes or users to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software

Upgrade Steem Economic Model GitHub Issue #551, has been annoucement for already 2 Weeks by Dan Larimer a.k.a Bytemaster Check it Out

The STEEM blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof of Stake, it's the reason why we need STEEM Witnesses. Using a Steem-power weighted system we vote our STEEM blockchain Witnesses, so they are generally some of the most trusted members of the community who are tech-savy and have the determination to be socially active, in order to be elected by the Community

Each Steemit Account is entiltled to Vote up to 30 individuals, these Blockchain Witnesses are expected to keep a node running every second of every day because there are several things which need to approved by the community like having an accurate USD peg of STEEM tokens to the Steem Dollar on the internal market based on external market prices

The version of the node that each witness is running will generally have a consensus, since a Hardfork is a change in the business logic that powers Steemit network and STEEM's Blockchain, it important to conduct checks and balances to ensure everything is vetted by a decentralized group of trusted (elected) individuals before taking effect


Rest assured that No Hardfork will take effect until at least 67% of the active witnesses have upgraded to the latest update. STEEM Update 0.14.0 was delayed due to that fact that there was error discovered, so majority of STEEM Witnesses did not vote to proceed with the update until a solution was found

In way, it's a Democratic System, where the general public (Steemit Community) elects their Witnesses. This is why many dedicated STEEM Witnesses regularly publish so called ''STEEM Witness Reports'' and actively engage within the community.

Try to find some STEEM Witnesses, these are some of the most respected Individuals who are eagerly keeping track of the Development of Steemit! I would personally check out the official STEEM Witness Page and follow almost all accounts to keep myself updated! Great Invidiuals who provide you important information, so keep track of their Witness Reports!

Steemit Inc. may be a private company in charge of Steemit but STEEM is a distributed ledger which developers have access to, for there to be any Hardfork it is required that majority of STEEM Witnesses must approve any changes to the censuses. Steemit Developers may work on or release new versions of Codes but this does not mean that everyone is forced to upgrade to the new code

So if you're making that assumption that Steemit have absolutecontrol over STEEMIT and STEEM than you're Wrong!

Update 0.16.0 will have profound impact on the Community, because Steemit is still a ''Beta'' platform and STEEM is relatively new unique Cryptocurrency, so we will need to give it some time! Hence we are still in Beta embarcing every Update until Steemit is the perfect Platform! I'll remain positive for Steemit's Future especially after this Update!

If you're interesting about who actually approves latest updates and if you think that Ned and Dan have complete control over STEEM, then perhaps you should check out this post What exactly is a STEEM Witness and why every user should Vote

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That's a proper infographic!! Nice and clear! Thank you!

Mind blowing tutorial/guide @steemitguide!
This is exact what I want to see when I try to learn something -- A big graph with bright colors because bright colors attract our minds attention.

Awesome work....very clear and informative graphics. The work synergy is spelled incorrectly in the 'Outcome'

That's a big Error! Fixing my Infographic right now! Thank you for letting me know!

Great work here @steemitguide! , learned a lot from this post. worth the read. thanks for sharing :D

To anyone who knows ...

I believe I read elsewhere that there is no Windows miner for v16 and the comment left me to believe that there never will be a Windows miner for technical reasons.

Is that the case? Will there ever be a Windows miner for STEEM in the future?

I'll look into it, but if i'm not mistaken i read a comment like that as well. How they are interested in using Linux to Mine STEEM !

Awesome post!!!!

Thank you so much for putting this together. This post alone should broaden the awareness among the community of the upcoming changes in the next hard fork.

Well done and re-steemed!

Steem on,

Appreciate it Mike! 😎

I have a question regarding this. The algo doesn't use RAM as in your RAM memory, it uses the GPU's or CPU's RAM, right?

"instead of more expensive GPU or ASIC"

makes it sound like you can use RAM instead of the GPU to mine. Just something that may confuse readers.

Not so sure about the RAM part that much myself, if it actually uses that memory too.

Don't seem to know much about Steem Mining, so i made adjustment. I Simplified it to avoid any confusion! I think i have made Mistake there. Hope it's all corrected now!

Thank you for posting @steemitguide. Your infographic is appreciated.

Very good post! Thanks for sharing this, it's very interesting! @steemitguide Seguido y votado! Usted me sigue @Sandra16

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