Detailed Guide how to add videos in Steemit!!

last year

Lets begin

So basically you can not upload a video directly on steemit, it has to be stored somewhere online.
And that is where youtube is the answer to all your questions.

start your story.

go to youtube and copy the link of the video.

Copy that link directy into your story.

And that it is Folks wasnt hard was it? Now i think you are good to try it yourself.
thank you.

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why the post button is greyed out?


Why is the "Post" button grayed out?
A post must have a title, body, and at least one valid tag. If any of these are missing, then the "Post" button will be disabled.


You have to write something on the "tag" portion, and it must have a title.

Unfortunately, the site doesn't seem to support video tags.
No support for other video hosts than YouTube and Vimeo, either then?

Does this mean that the video is not actually on the blockchain Steemit? I admit I'm a novice; please let me know about this. From what I understand, this form of linking is just linking to a different non-blockchain website (YouTube), and so if the video is taken down from YouTube, it's gone from Steemit. Would that not be correct?


Yea I too would like to know this info


I'd say so. All that is being shared is the link, not the actual video file itself. If you want a video not be dependent on external platforms like Youtube, you'll most likely need to upload to Dtube.


Great information. I'm going to try this out today now that I've started my new YouTube Channel. Keep providing suggestions for us to improve our post... Additionally, I would really appreciate if you would follow my page as well. Thanks :-)

Thanks for the info! I am going to be trying this soon! Upvoted and followed!

I created my Steemit account yesterday and was able to post a video from Dtube.
However, hosting a video there is a bit more tricky than youtube. In my case, i use Windows Movie Maker to edit my speed drawings. What i tried was to save the video under "youtube "standard rather than the appropriate format that Windows Movie Maker will suggest. It works for the first video but not the second one...

On a side note, i personally don't want to use youtube as i share the same feeling of utter annoyance with that plate form and rather see Dtube and Steemit take the lead.

I pasted the youtube video link but the thumbnail doesn't show. It just stays as a boring text link.. help?