Detailed Guide how to add videos in Steemit!!

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Lets begin

So basically you can not upload a video directly on steemit, it has to be stored somewhere online.
And that is where youtube is the answer to all your questions.

start your story.

go to youtube and copy the link of the video.

Copy that link directy into your story.

And that it is Folks wasnt hard was it? Now i think you are good to try it yourself.
thank you.


Thanks for the info! I am going to be trying this soon! Upvoted and followed!

Post ini sangat membantu sebagai petunjuk bagi pemula di steemit. Terima kasih atas informasinya

Does this mean that the video is not actually on the blockchain Steemit? I admit I'm a novice; please let me know about this. From what I understand, this form of linking is just linking to a different non-blockchain website (YouTube), and so if the video is taken down from YouTube, it's gone from Steemit. Would that not be correct?

Yea I too would like to know this info

I'd say so. All that is being shared is the link, not the actual video file itself. If you want a video not be dependent on external platforms like Youtube, you'll most likely need to upload to Dtube.

is that so different to most other platforms?
Only FB and Insta (now owned by FB) really allow videos to be uploaded to their own platforms because they're so massive and have put a LOT of work into it. Early on you couldn't post videos to Insta at all, then when they introduced it, initially it was only 15sec.

Steem is still in its very very early days not to mention it IS still in beta - I wouldn't worry too much about whether or not you have to post videos to Youtube and have it embedded here.


Great information. I'm going to try this out today now that I've started my new YouTube Channel. Keep providing suggestions for us to improve our post... Additionally, I would really appreciate if you would follow my page as well. Thanks :-)

why the post button is greyed out?

You have to write something on the "tag" portion, and it must have a title.

Why is the "Post" button grayed out?
A post must have a title, body, and at least one valid tag. If any of these are missing, then the "Post" button will be disabled.

I created my Steemit account yesterday and was able to post a video from Dtube.
However, hosting a video there is a bit more tricky than youtube. In my case, i use Windows Movie Maker to edit my speed drawings. What i tried was to save the video under "youtube "standard rather than the appropriate format that Windows Movie Maker will suggest. It works for the first video but not the second one...

On a side note, i personally don't want to use youtube as i share the same feeling of utter annoyance with that plate form and rather see Dtube and Steemit take the lead.

I pasted the youtube video link but the thumbnail doesn't show. It just stays as a boring text link.. help?

Same issue here. :(

Hmm. I have done that with my Original Song Lazy Boy post, and i have no picture or video on the post.
It shows a link , but when pressed, it takes me to you tube. :(

Well then maybe you should just be better at it.

Thank you. Very useful

Thank you just used it for my vimeo video :P

Thank you for the useful, helpful and easy to follow insturctions.

for those videos i had to be author , or it can be someone else ?

Unfortunately, the site doesn't seem to support video tags.
No support for other video hosts than YouTube and Vimeo, either then?

Sure looks like it. I can't use Youtube anymore due to copyright claims over the music in the video games I play, and my videos are too large for a free Vimeo account. I'd need to spend at least $20/month to be able to work with them.


Спасибо. Очень полезно

I posted the url directly into my post like you said without any html or other kinda tags and it just shows an url, no video
Here's the result

But my video is in facebook. What would I do? @algimantas

Very helpful, thanks. Makes transferring the 800 videos from my youtube channel that little bit easier whilst also increasing my youtube views!

Thank you. I am new. So it useful for me.

Thanks but we miss certain ingredients here.
How does one embed videos with ‘Embedded’ as the sharing option (with html codes)?
Facebook, BBC and other sites won’t make it like YouTube. Any suggestions?

Thank you for a brief guide to video uploading.

Simple and straight to the point. Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for the help - the site doesn't seem super intuitive like most. :P

Thanks, this is what I am looking for.

I'm a dummy 😂 and proud of it since analogue. But the kids want me to do this stuff so here I've been on steemit three months, and have yet to learn how to upload videos. You say JYST to copy the link, but it is not quite so easy as I am not on a cpu, and my front page is mobile app. I've been trying all arvo to discover the correct url. On YouTube there seems to be no details icon. Can you direct me,in words please, to upload a YouTube video to steemit blog from a supposedly smart phone. I am not smart. And watching videos is actually too confusing to me. I read and take notes. A listed step by step would be much appreciated. Thank-you. 😇