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Hello guys,

If you have read the latest articles on this blog you might already know we are now promoting S-City and you can play minigames and earn upvotes for sharing your score, now without delegating.

Delegations are always welcome to support the project aswell as following the @steemitgoldminertrail on

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Would be happy to! Been enjoying SCity so far with all the competition so wouldn't mind spreading the word (and getting more people to battle / race in there lol)

I am very glad to hear that! Help us spread the word and more people will join every day :)

What's the story with it? I've seen a few posts about the games but no real feedback from any users. Is it any good?

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I haven't tried all the games but I can say they seem to be very simple overall (think mobile game style, basic mechanics with a single endless level of increasing difficulty). To be honest I probably wouldn't play them if there wasn't the Steem incentive. As a gamer I prefer a challenge with clear goals to work toward, but with this current system, your progress in the game doesn't have any effect on your Steem reward (low and high scores would get the same vote).

S-city on the other hand has held my interest because there's more effort involved and the contest rewards do scale based on your placement on the leaderboard. It's still a little bit too detached from the actual Steem blockchain than I'd like, but I've been hooked on it the past few days so it must be doing something right!

Thanks for that. It's fairly detailed and gives me a good idea of what to expect. I will give them a try anyway and see just how addictive it is. S-city sounds like a good place to start.

As for the site, we do need a gaming platform for the site so even if it's very simplistic it could be a good staging point for further development and expansion. Everthing adds a bit more value to the blockchain.

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If you enjoy playing games I'm surprised you are not playing the first real game here on Steem and any of it's inspired games. Check out the zombie adventure game by @happyme and the SteemQuest RPG by @simplegame or his frog jousting game. All are good fun! If you join the SteemQuest game, mention that you were sent by @happyme and I'll share my referral reward with you.

I'll take a look anyway. I do enjoy games and I am always looking for new projects to follow on here. I used to be addicted to steemgar while it was running last year.

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@gmedly : My comment to @niallon11 would probably apply to you as well.

The balloon pop game is fun.

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Good work i think i will delegate some steem nice project

i have delegate 5steem to try,when i see its ok i will delegate 45steem more
Greetings @steemitgoldminer

I made hope it counts

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I'm actually a real gold miner... Want to know more though!

Can I play it on my phone?..

Sweet! Voting and following!

I've been having a ton of fun playing s-city, but like @gmedley said the games aren't much without the steem incentive :/ would be nice to get more people to fight and race though! Might post about it today.

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