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Hey guy's since I'm short in time I'l already post the sceenshots of the winners.

steemrewards will be sent in the comming days. Vip Will be handed out sooner.

if you see your name on this list please send me ingame a message with your steemitusername so I know whereto to send .

top 30 most respect/level


  1. Most money


A new Contest is coing to be annouced in the next days so keep checking the blog. It will probably be a referralcontest

  • an update will be made, new items etcetera...

For the money challenge, it doesn't take into account what was in the bank.

Nope, what was visible, was an extra challenge because people could do dome races/fights in the last moment and compete eachother.

Well, I kept all money in bank and capped out in thr but i didn't realize it was useless.

Had a genuinely fun time participating in this! Looking forward to more contests like it (I'm on that list same name as my Steemit name but I'll send you a message anyway)

great, I'll make an update soon. But i'd love to boost it to trendingpages, so doing the updates and getting some liquid steem for rewards and postpromotion.

Hey bro, and the rewards?

is the steemitgoldminer website being hacked? I cannot access to the game?

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