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Earn Steem &/or Bitcoin every day with gamesforsteemians/steemitgoldminer!!!

Hi guys, @brothermic on @steemitgoldminer here. I already brought forward that I wanted to do more for the platform. Setting up some things, provide more for other steemians. Also for the minnows and plankton. Keep players online, motivate and stimulate them to make posts etc..
It has been a few weeks since i launched S-City and the minigamewebsite where you could earn upvotes for playing.
Let me show you the updates and extra's I've been working on.

1. Gamesforsteemians 500+ games / Earn upvotes.


Play now more then 500 games, have fun, and earn every day posting about it: check it out:


How to earn playing games here (on
Well, you can earn upvotes by playing the games and:

  • make video's on DTube playing games
  • make video's on DTube showing the website
  • stream your gameplay on D-Live
  • make a post about the gamesite + include link to this website + some screenshots
  • make posts on steemit about how a game works or which game you find interesting
  • giving tips and hints about games
  • making a post about your score and tell us something about the game, how you played
    -making a post abbout your highscore(s)
  • Make promotionposts for this website and/or steemitgoldminer in total.
  • And so on and so on....

The posts need to be in the tag 'steemitgoldminer' so I can find them to upvote :)

Posts will either be upvoted with @steemitgoldminer or/and with @brothermic

If the post is of low quality I can decide to not upvote. Do some effort. there are 500+ games so you can do alot and earn alot of upvotes.

Also the more people delegate to @steemitgoldminer, the more and bigger upvotes I can adress. More about this further in the post.

2. Play S-City


2.1 Referralcontest: EARN STEEM/Bitcoin Bring people to play S-CITY

  • After 15 days on october 30th 2018 it ends

  • Send this form after 15 days ------------->

  • Top referrers will get rewarded in either STEEM or BTC (your own choice)

2.2 Play S-City and every 1-3 days a few active players will be picked randomly and get rewarded with a share of the revenue! (so this depends on the sales :) )

  • Be active, be online and win STEEM AND BITCOIN !


We have several new items in shop: new pets etc.. Collectibles.

Build your dreamlife and compete eachother in fights & races.



3. Earn more steem getting upvotes playing simple minigames.

When you go to

you can play minigames, share your score on steemit after logging in and playing and earn upvotes on your posted scores! ONLY FOR DELEGATORS.

share score.png

How you can support the project

All the upvotes for the games and posts are comming from @steemitgoldminer & @brothermic and is tagged in #steemitgoldminer.

Ofcourse the more people support the project, the more and higher @steemitgoldminer is able to upvote all of them.

Currently we have 11000+ SP

If you like to make a DELEGATION to @steemitgoldminer or you feel like supporting by delegating Steempower to @steemitgoldminer you can do it here:

Click below to easy delegate and support the project. [delegate 25 SP] [delegate 50 SP] [delegate 100 SP] [delegate 200 SP] [delegate 500 SP] [delegate 1000 SP] [delegate 2000 SP] [delegate 5000 SP] [delegate 10000 SP] [delegate 50000 SP] [delegate custom amount]

Join our discordchannel!


I like the guns and racing aspect

looks like a lot of fun for gamers.. i am amazed and envious at the same time. enjoy!

try the easy ones.. you might get hooked, too

You can try it so you don't get envious anymore! :)

Hi! After some changes do you recomed steel use Dlive or Vimm tv?

I'd go for Dlive but the others sound unfamiliar in my ears.

I mentioned this one site
There you can stream you video like with Dlive

yes bit with Dlive you can get upvotes from steemians, dlive self and from steemitgoldminer for making a stream about the website or a game :)

Agree with you, but don't forget that dlive decided to leave Steem if I am normally wrong. And by the way using you can also login with your Steem login and password and earn money.

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Great contest and good opportunity to earn thank you

These days, I'm addicted to these little games :D

Hi, it is rocking ways of earning steem by playing games which are mentioned in this article. it is enjoyable way of earn steem. steemians should play and try these ways.

There is not in Spanish?

Meaby someone translates :)

Can I make a post in Spanish about the games?

Hi @steemitgoldminer I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Hi just wanted to check in about the last S-City contest, have the Steem rewards for the top players gone out yet? Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. The original end-of-contest post said to message you in-game with your steem username but I didn't see a way to send messages, just leave comments. I was in the top 6 i think (same name as my steemit name: gmedley)

I've sent you a chat in s-city lol but thats wrigth you didint came online. Let me check for you today

Ohh ok thanks! Yeah I guess it got buried by all the other battle / racing messages.

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If it's okay I can repost this to FB and g+ to get some of the social media members to jump ship.

that would be great!

this will be so much fun! count me in :)

How do you share your stats on S City? :)

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