Contest S-City ends in 2 days | new contest will be held | play minigames to earn upvotes | new minigame

Hello Steemitgoldminers,

The 70 STEEM + 10 VIP-contest in S-CITY brwosergame will end on 10th october. It can take a few days till the rewards are all sent to the winning players so take that in consideration please.

New contest(s) will start soon so make sure you sign up on steemitgildminer's S-City here and boost your virtual life:


We have a new minigame aswell:


you can take a look at it here:


I'm thinking about letting people play and printscreen their score and hand out some real bitcoins to the topscores!

Make sure everyone knows you can play minigames on

and earn upvotes doing so.

How can you support the project:

Earn an upvote aswell by making a post to promote the website

Everyone can now earn upvotes by sharing score also when not delegated! Click below to easy delegate and support the project.:

[delegate 10 SP] [delegate 20 SP] [delegate 50 SP] [delegate 100 SP] [delegate 200 SP] [delegate 500 SP] [delegate 1000 SP] [delegate 2000 SP] [delegate 5000 SP] [delegate 10000 SP] [delegate 50000 SP] [delegate custom amount]'


Hey what time today does the contest end?

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