My score on Dino Run/ DELEGATE AND earn upvotes by playing games

in steemitgoldminer •  last month

Dino Run

I have scored 1109 in this great game. You can play this game on, and earn upvotes! Check blog @steemitgoldminer for more info. CHANGE OF RULES: ONLY PEOPLE NOW THAT DELEGATED CAN EARN UPVOTES SINCE NO SPONSORING WAS COMMING TROUGH; Click below to easy delegate and support the project.: [delegate 25 SP] [delegate 50 SP] [delegate 100 SP] [delegate 200 SP] [delegate 500 SP] [delegate 1000 SP] [delegate 2000 SP] [delegate 5000 SP] [delegate 10000 SP] [delegate 50000 SP] [delegate custom amount] I beat my old record of 840 something on this game. I was surprised that I did though. It takes too much from my eyes to play this game though so I won't be playing this one too often.

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