Steemit Game Announcement : First 2D Game for Steemit

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It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of steemit community. Steemit have given me so much so I thought it is time to give something for steemit. Here we are, I have started the development of Steemit 2D Platformer game in Unity Game Engine. It took me around nearly a week to choose between Unreal Game engine or Unity Game engine and I will be using UnityScript for coding and Adobe Photoshop and illustrator for artworks.

I have more than 1 year of experience in developing games with libGDX and HTML/JS. I have published some games and apps on Google Play Store. Here is the link :  

How can you support me? If you want to support me in game development you can do it by submitting your artworks on Basically I need minimalistic arts for background images in steemit style and I will give you credits in my game as well as in upcoming posts if I like your artwork. Just make sure you use white background in the image. 

Testing? I will be needing some people to test out the game. Interested ones can ping me on with their Gmail-Id to include in the testers list

When it will be live? I will be launching the game on Android(Google Play Store) initially, then on IOS and followed by a website. Most Probably, I will be launching this game during my next Steemit meetup in Delhi,India. Stay Tuned!!!  

Support Me by Upvoting and Resteemimg to reach more people @funnyman


Thank you man!! and thank you for helping me out. Totally appreciate it @serejandmyself

This would be awesome. I would love to play a steemit game.

oh!!! Yeah!!

Make it a good Steem Game !

I will try my best @steemitguide

Are you looking for .png files? They have transparency layers so you can have pseudo-parallax.
What type of environments? Space? Forests? What kind of style? Hyper-realistic? Cartoony?

As I have mentioned, I want minimalistic with white background. It may be a drawing on a white paper(It must be clean). Not realistic, space and forests just show your magic with light colours. To know more about it come on

I understand now.

Great. I wish you all the best.

Re-blogged, of course :)

Thank you for your support @ervin-lemark

wow !!
brilliant idea @funnyman. I'll support you by participating in Art-works creations & game beta testing :D
However I just upvoted & resteemed this great post :)

Cool man!! Thank you for your support. I will add you soon in testers list. @royalmacro

Awesome idea! I can't wait for this.

Yep!! I will do my best to develop it as awesome as I can :)

Let me know when you have the meetup in Delhi.

Sure!!, I will be announcing the date soon :)

I will test your game, my gmail is easy just put chadcrypto in front of it :) Look forward to seeing your work!

Great! @chadcrypto I will add you soon. Thank you for your support :)

Re steem it :) Cool idea

Thank you. It will take some time but will completely worth developing. You can be a tester, just send me your Gmail address. Totally appreciate your support.

I was surprised to see your graphics in this post as I just made a post asking Steemians to help me decide which of the three domain names they liked best for a new Steemit tutorial I'm working on. One of the site names they seemed to like best is called! Must be the hundredth monkey at work. Here's the post if you're interested looks nice

Thank you @team101 Appreciate your support.

What will the game be about?

The game theme will be similar to "Ketchapp" type games. Simple yet intuitive. As the game is platformer type, the levels will be randomly generated so each time a user play he would encounter a different chain of levels.

that sounds exciting! Anything we can do to get steemit and steem out there... I am all for!

Sure!!, Bring in some artists, It will be good if people submit their arts for background of the game.

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where can I download this game

It is in development phase :)

excellent congratulations. Thanks for visiting my post

May not be 100% accurate that you are the first. I believe I've seen a few. I also published a blog entry just now that has a WebGL playable build made in Unity for the Tutorial.

Regardless... I wouldn't say FIRST as I've see others poking around at things.


Even so... welcome to the process and good luck to you!!!

Hey @funnyman awesome Idea. I am also a game developer and work with unity Engine. Tell me if I can help you :)
I startet a project by myself, feel free to check it out and tell your opinion.

Nice project man. Your project looks bigger than mine @behfar

Thanks man. Yes it will probably take much longer

This is a great idea. Can't wait to check it out!!

Excellent and interesting article, I liked.

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