The Best Posts Of The Day ? My birthday cake 🎂Birthdays are like boogers. The more you have the harder it is to breathe.

in #steemitfood5 months ago (edited)

So today is my bday, everybody wait for his / her bday,so that's why it is the best day for every person,yesterday night correct at 12 p.m my granny and grandpa came in my room with this beautiful cake and gave me a surprise and I really got emotional because I really don't know how much they love me. @steemfood

My family was not allowing me for the party that my friend has arranged for me but they convinced my family because my friend is also like my family because they really want me to spend my whole day with them because the birthday is that special day which come once in a year.


At last my wish is that my friend always stay happy and live a good and best life
I love you my friends.

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