Daily Contest: Riddle Game #1 (1SBD/1Steem for grab)

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Hello Steemit Community!

@sfp-ilocosnorte is hosting a contest of our own, entitled:
Daily Contest: Riddle Game.
Through this contest, all earnings will go to our future community works.

It is as easy as commenting your answer! But I recommend to READ THE RULES FIRST

Daily Contest: Riddle Game #1.
Since we are just starting this, the prize pool will be 1 SBD/STEEM. We'll add more when it gains popularity.
This contest is very simple and easy. You will just answer the riddle by commenting. This contest will run every day so be sure to follow us.

Read the rules on how to be qualified.


1SBD/1STEEM for the winner.
There will be no 2nd or 3rd winners, (sorry).


Upvote and Resteem this post so more people can join this contest.
Answers: Strictly English only.
One (1) comment per contestant only.
We will choose the Best Joke Answer.

Announcement of The Winner
The right answer and winner of the said contest today will be revealed the following day together with the new riddle.


Upon arriving on the coffee shop, two fathers and two sons asked the waiter a table for three. Why did they ask for three?

Goodluck to all of the participants!

We are now accepting donations! The donations will be added to the prize pool. You will get special mention on the contest. Just send SBD/Steem to @sfp-ilocosnorte with "Donation to Daily Contest: Riddle Game" on the memo.


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because they are only 3. the grand father, the father and the son.

2 fathers= the grand father and his son that is the father of his grand child.
2 sons= the son of the grand father and the son of the son of the grand father.

Because the son is looking for the dog 😂

They just enter the coffee shop, because the one child need to poop.
so the three is waiting inside the child to finish ?? :D

Because it is a Grandfather, Father and Son.

They've asked a table just for three maybe because the for characters in this riddle were; Grand father, father, son, and a grandson which is still a baby 👶

One father from the two pairs doesn't need a chair since he's too lazy to walk and brought with him a wheelchair instead. Ba-dum-Tss hahaha

They want a table for three because they're part of a Networking Company. Hahaha. They will be having a client for them to invite. Haha. This coffee shop is in Starbucks and their client is a freshman in a University. Hahahaha

They asked a table for three because there are three men which are a grandfather, a father (the grandfather’s son) and the father’s son. :)

Two fathers : grandfather and the father
Two sons: the father the grandfather's son and the son the father's son :)

Well this is simple, It is because there are three men: A grandfather, a father (the grandfather’s son) and the father’s son.

Table for three even if they were four maybe because 1 of them was using wheelchair hence he dont need any chair anymore or maybe one father carried his baby/son

Because they are 3: The son, his father and his grandfather. So in this combination, we see that there are 2 sons and 2 fathers

Hello @sanoza Thank you for participating! We'll see if you got the prize! :)

Its quite simple , one of the son came with two fathers ,😂😂, that is his father and his father's father....😁😁😁😁🏇

The one who just arrive were actually compose of a grandfather and with him is his son which happen to be a father also and he bring his son with him so that's why they ask a table for three. There were 2 father, the grandfather and his son. There were 2 sons, the grandfather's son and his son's son. :)

Hello @jennybeans Thank you for participating!! Ops. I guess we need to read the rules :)

@sfp-ilocosnorte sorry I forgot to upvote. I upvoted it already :)

No problem. Again, Thank you! :)

because one of the two son we're baby 😅 and don't want coffee.. He want Milk 😂

I think @jennybeans give the right explanation and I think its a right answer. But I observe this is Joke answer is needed so here is mine...

They only ask 3 because The two fathers are actually SAMESEX COUPLE and luckily Adopted a CONJOINED TWIN! hahahaha.. let's assume only one of the twin can intake food....

They asked a table good for three because it is compose with a grandfather, a father and a son.

Because they are 3: The son, his father and his grandfather.

Because they are only three people a grandfather, a father and a son are both two fathers and two sons.

The game is now officially closed!

Grandfather, father and son

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