My Sketch and Favorite character

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Hello everyone.. This is my first sketch in canvas, in this image he's my favorite marvel super hero (captain america) who is also known as steve rogers the first avenger. IMG_20180423_130435.jpgThe actor of this hero (chris evans) is also one of my favorite actor, i love his fighting style and also the way he move into the battle. This sketch was made 4 years ago when i was 17 years old. I really feel so happy when i achieved this sketch by myself, thanks to youtube and to those who made the video tutorial from there. I think without it, i won't be able to draw like this. But even though my drawing isn't really same as the original i'm still happy though. But now sketching isn't my interest anymore because of programming made of our school project, i making a focus on it. Thanks for reading my post and viewing my sketch.. I appreciated it, I hope you like it.. Until my next post guys. :)


It's really impressive. I'm not sure I can even do a quarter.

You can do that :) thanks anyway

Impressive! 😊 Please post more of your sketches. We already have two artists in the house. If I'm not mistaken, the other one is @caydenshan.

Soon, if im not busy in my thesis project anymore :)

@avon.grace has been talking about @caydenshan lately. Hahaha. Seriosuly though, I hope I am as skilled as you both (@jeffrey97). We need to practice avon.grace if we want to catch them hahaha.

hahaha.. but i'm actually not skilled. I just know how to sketch.. haha

Thank you :)

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It's superb. You got great talent.

Thank you so much :D

Thank you :)

Great job sir. Move ahead. I also want to be in your position a day.

hello i'm @darthgexe from kryptonia and i upvoted this post

Nice've got good talent
Keep it up
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Great drawing and I'm from Kryptonia @ianstevenson

it's so great!
upvote for you from kryptonia @ziggy

Nice post
kryptonia @hokkaido

You have a great talent.

Thank you :D

Good post


Very good job with this. You have talent!

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name.

Thank you so much ! :)

Why are you people so good in drawing? hahahaha. I cannot even draw a simple house. Good job bro. Though, I hate captain america hahahha. But I respect your choice. Marvel for the win.

I'm not good anymore.. I'm lack of practice now. But i will bring it back. Hahaha thanks anyway

You have the talent. Nurture it and make good out of it. You are blessed to have this kind of talent/skill. Upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion

impressive . i wanted to draw , but is a patience and hard work. keep it up. from Kryptonia

yeah, you're right.. Thanks anyway :) God bless <3

Wow.. talented! Keep it up! Upvoted

Thank you :)

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Wonderful Sketch with nice content. Thanks for your nice post..

Thanks bro :)

Thank you so much ma'am :)

Nice one keep it up @chetachi26

Good pictures, great post. Kryptonia id @grace234

cool picture !! nice work

Nice drawing

Thank you this lovely post. @jamescrusader

Thanks for sharing this post. Kryptonia id @ofili2

Nice art. Continue to make good arts like this. Kryptonia id @daisydelta

Another artist from the family. 😊 Good job! 👏

Thank you :D

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