Food for the Heart

Have you been betrayed yet you still forgive, or loving someone and don't expect in return.

Here's a thing about people with a good heart. They forgive you even you don't ask for it, they give excuses when you need to explain for yourself. You are their "priorities" even you take them for granted. In their eyes they see your best even you are at worst they lift you up even you don't ask for it. They give time, even when you don't and didn't leave you even it was so hard.They are the happiest person when you achieved your dreams.

Have you ever wondered why these people are most sensitive and most caring person and willing to spend their lives and not expecting in return.Have you seen their worth for your well-being.And don't make any effort just because you know that they are always there for you.You don't work for the attention that they give.

Always remember this there is no permanent in this world only change. So if you keep ignoring all the efforts,cared and loved of this person fear the day that this heart gives up on you.A heart does not turn cold if you treat with coldness.


I can totally relate on this. I’ve gained and lost some dear friends but I have learned to value my self more. There will come a day that all of the pain will make sense and you’ll find people that value you most :)

Indeed. They don't see the worth of someone who value them most.

Deep thoughts. Above all, remember that God loves you so much :)

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