Painting Relaxes Me

in steemitfamilyph •  last year  (edited)

I am not a professional painter but recently, i discovered that I love Painting. It relaxes me. This is my second painting which an art collector bought 😍BeautyPlus_20171206004652_save-01.jpegreceived_394706580954308.png

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I never had the knack for drawing especially using the traditional platform but joining Steemit made me realize that I should stop limiting myself and try to learn digital art.

Great drawing sort of a expressionism art style ( correct me if I am wrong just remembering from art classes back in highschool!!)


Thanks Maverick. I'm just newbie in acrylic painting. My mother is painter though. Just trying to destress myself and I found out, I'm loving this form of art and will take up formal lessons soon. Have a nice day!

Wow ate dee galing naman... How to be you?


Hahaha. Have a great day Ani!

You can ask @rjd to make SFP footer for yourself. You mistakenly used @ankarlie's.


Oh ok. Thanks for the advise. Will do that. @rjd, can you help me do a SFP footer. Much appreciated. Thanks 😊

nice colors just keep on painting!


Thanks! Have a great Day!

Interesting artwork. I love the eyelashes of the girl in the painting, it somehow showed me calmness and tranquility.


Not the perfect eyelashes that I wanted. But for my 2nd painting, this will do. Have a nice day 😊

Hi. That's a great work. I'm fond of looking at art. I can draw a little but can't paint so I am always amazed at those who can. By the way, is it okay if you upload a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with steemit written on it?


Thanks. Sure. Sorry, but since I'm new here, where is the photo going to be posted? 😊


You can post it here in the comments or you can do a post about it. 😊

Painting's a lot of fun, and I love it a lot! I like your piece, keep painting! Never stop doing something you love to do!