Because Health is Wealth - 30 day PILATES CHALLENGE

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A friend who is an owner of a Pilates studio asked me if i can join her 30 day Pilates Challenge. I was hesitant at first because it would entail a lot of my time but because I have health concerns i took up the challenge. Pilates is very new to me. I heard its a total body workout which concentrates on our core.

On my first day at OneLife Studio, I was asked why i said yes to the challenge. I have one simple answer and that is to have a good quality of life. I wanted to be fit. To be healthy. To be more energetic. To add years to my life. More than the abs that hopefully i would develop, my concern is really my health. I'm diabetic, asthmatic and i have vertigo. Not to mention, i have a stressful business. So, here is my first day at OneLife Studio. It was a struggle at first since I'm really inactive in exercising. For those of you reading this, let's move our butt and let's exercise. Keep the blood pumping. So we can feel good inside and outside. Happy Friday Steemians! 😊


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The way you put it, out makes me want to work out as well. Are you, by chance looking for a work out buddy? Nah, I'm just kidding, good luck working that excess fat out and may you achieve what you want in life. Have a good day!



Haha. Have a nice day and have a great weekend ahead

True on how stressful cargo logistics is!!!

I tried Pilates but having a weak core it really hard for me.

Yes we all need the exercise because of teh holiday binge.


Yes pilates is hard #feeltheburn

This makes me wanna workout again. I love food so much, but hate working out. When I was still studying I would run at least once a month, but now, I barely even walk. Hope you enjoy this challenge you're taking and I am looking forward for the results :)


Thanks. I'll keep you posted about the 30 day Pilates challenge. Hoping to develop some abs haha

Wow! I always wanted to do pilates, but because I have a bad back, it is a real challenge for me.


That's true. It's kinda hard with all the strenuous exercises that pilates does and all those stretching 😊