9 Fish for Good Luck

in steemitfamilyph •  last year

Decided to paint today because I was feeling creative. I think this is my 6th painting. Since the Chinese New Year (It's the year of the Dog) is coming up and i practice a little feng shui, i came up with this.

"9 Fish for Good Luck" (24x24) Chinese believes that the combination of eight red and one black fish, symbolizes prosperity, energy and good fortune.

I also included the 福 Fu character which is the ultimate good luck character. It means good fortune, wealth and good luck. 😊

May this painting bring you lots of good luck this 2018!


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May we have luck indeed in real life and in Steemit


Thanks Maverick. Yes we all need Goodluck!

Love it's simplicity, and of course me being Pisces does make me like it even more :-)
Well done, stay blessed...


Thanks. I'm a newbie at painting. Just started last Dec. 2017. 😊


Well, duly impressed, especially since you just started. Keep going you may have something there :-)

That's cool!I also drew a fish today for good luck. Check it out if you have time .


Yes i will do that. Thanks