Aliens and Hackers - VLSI Id's

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This was a story, an A.I. dig to get a comment from me about how they rise and fall:
Alien article Washington Post

Ummm... So like most despots, greedy, psychotic, information controllers, makers of bots...I am ordered to get a job and your orders are to suck out the technology from me so you can get rich. And since I have walked on water or stood on it in plain open view in front of thousands of people, you know I know.
So I get the sound torture and so on, hacked, robbed. Looks like have a job.

When will you get a job?

A real job that does something like remove the DADADS? Or step into something that is not there and you travel through space and time. Like in the Song of Angels. The books you won't allow anyone to buy.
Yes, when is it that group of get a real job?

So my program RotoDraw 3D DirectX 12 is coming along well.

Up there at in the repository for the program I changed the code from:

We can't load a screen shot up of the code on because a group of hackers will be shot, or jailed and you God, he's not nearly so interested in getting peons but all the layers of human feces above the peons.

Scenario 5_MatsTexs.xaml.h

value struct MaterialList;
value struct MaterialList;

Put in later
value struct MaterialList;
value struct MaterialTypes;


The other things the hackers have done is change the application from a Universal Windows Program, Windows 10/11 to A Windows Phone Application, Windows 8.1 from Visual Studio 2019/2022 to Visual Studio 2015. Change it from UWP to UAP while I post the program.

I based the DirectXToolkitXaml12 on Chuck Walbourn's,, DXTK12, the DirectX 12 Toolkitfor XBOX, and desktops and laptops, Mine works. His works. His is hacked and changed and so is mine. I debug his. I debug mine.

That brings us to VLSi ID's which I know a tremendous amount about.

Did you know every chip has a unique ID number. The VL in size.

The way to ensure voting machines do not permit a socialist/fascist takeover is to include VLSI, Very Large Scale Integration Identifications. Yes, please feel free at any time you want to include those numbers in Internet transactions. Anytime you feel like starting to do a real job. Like removing the Baalim from the United States, finding mass murderers, missing people, or even digging a ditch. I've dug a lot of those, like actually making millions of adhesive tapes or or many types paper/ converting products, like making third team all American. In American Football.

Like fighting in the US ARMY.
Like pointing out the FBI Building in Oklahoma City was about attacked a few hours before, like the world trade center, like Yis'rael.
Like how many spies watched our launches of long, penile, fiery things...
Like wiring or truck driving.

When are you going to live off your own income instead of your current vampiric lifestyle? Think up your own stuff like LED 12 VDC lighting? And so much more.

I know I can't shame evil.

I know that I can't convince the people of the planet Earth that in the vastness of the universe we are not alone. Human beings must have the highest, fastest technology.

I can however drop a shitload of angelfood across the planet.

Unity is the coefficient of division by zero.

I am no slave. I will not be enslaved. I can fight. I know that fights are only to be won. They have no other purpose.

So get yourself a real job.

Like faith healing. I've been to hell. I left.

And it worked.

Now to get rid of the uap:phone stuff

Thanks and people like @soulfuldreamer wonder how the world could be so very bad, Nicco, Sly?




I know I can't shame evil.

I think you are right. They are so deeply indulged in these practices that they don't know right from wrong; their conscience is dead!!!

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