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The society is driven by the values she imbibe, morally, socially and spiritually or otherwise. Every system or individual thrives on the value it creates and upholds.

How are those values put in place, are they tangible, are they fixed?

Let's peruse this part two, being the concluding part of this topic.

Value System

Value System is a set of consistent ethic values and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological intergrity.
Therefore, it is a hierarchy of values that all moral agents possess and demonstrated by their choices. In effect, a well defined system serves as a moral code.
Values guide the perspective of an individual, organisation and the society alike.

Who creates values?

Values are neither fixed nor tangible. It is in the mind of the beholder. They are standards of social behavior derived from social interaction and accepted as constituent facts of social structure.
In the case of organization, Innovators work hard to understand exactly what value means to their customers, they create ideas and ways of doing things. While the society formulates and holds the ideas and ways of doing things (within the activities that are carried out) for the betterment of all. Individuals creates their personal values too; that become the normative in which they are known.

Culture of the Society

An important part of the culture of the Society is formed by its social values. These values provide the general guidelines for societal conduct.
The following are some of the values that guides our behavioural pattern:
*patriotism *sacrifice *dignity *respect for humanity *dedication *courtesy *compassion *caring *cooperation *appreciation *individuality etc.

While the elderly in a given society are involved in the determination and formulation of these normative, the younger generation pick them up and imbibe them and as they grow, it becomes a part of them inseparably.

Importance of Value System

Importance of values cannot be overemphasised; it's overwhelming. They account for the stability of social order and provide the general guide for normative. Also people use values as criteria to assess their daily lives, arrange priorities and choose between alternative course of action.

Functions of Value

A. Goals - they provide goals or end for
members to aim for.
B. Stability and Uniformity in group interaction.
They hold the society together as they share
in common
C. Legitimacy. It brings legitimacy to the rules
that govern specific activities. These rules are
accepted and followed mainly because they
embodied the values that most people

Value System Conflict

In any human endeavour, there is bound to be conflict. In this aspect of human existence, two parties might disagree as to whether certain actions are right or wrong both in theory and practice and would find themselves in an ideological or physical conflict.
In cases like this, value system based on individualism will be pitted against value system based on collectivism.

Normative Ethics

Normative ethics says that values denotes the degree of importance of something or action with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or live.

Difference between Ethics and Values

In this scenario, ethics refer to the guidelines for conduct that address the question about morality. Values are principles and ideals which helps them in making the judgement of what is more important.


Our Values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They are important because they enhance our growth and development. Our decisions are a function or reflection our values and beliefs which always direct us towards a specific purpose.
It's therefore crucially imperative for us to keep and preserve these normative for the overall interest of our world.
Endeavour to make our society a better place to live with your Sterling values and beliefs; I so urge.

Udu Ben - passionate on human development

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