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'Value System' is a phrase of two distinct words combined to make a powerful meaning which drives our world either positively or negatively, depending on which side a generation hinges it's desirables.

This write-up would be carried out and posted here in parts.

Read on.

Values amongst the aged, the elderly and the younger generation, its colouration and timings leaves much to be desired. For the value(s) to be become a system, it, or they must first be in place. Before we venture into knowing who creates these values, let's glean these definitions.


A) Value is a measure of goodness or desirability.
(As a principle, something of quality which is
intrinsically valuable or desirable)
B) A fair return or equivalent in goods, services
or money for something exchanged.
C) Relative worth, utility or importance.

I am adopting definition "A" for due to the context of this discuss.

Some relevant quotes

  1. Values are general standard and may be
    regarded as higher order norms
    (H. m.
  2. Values are group concepts of the relative
    desirability of things
    (G. S Leslie, R. F Larson)
  3. A value is a belief that something is good and
    worthwhile. It defines what is worth having
    and worth striving
    (Michael Haralambos)
  4. Values are general conceptions of the good
    ideas about the kind of ends that people
    should pursue throughout their life and
    throughout the many different activities in
    which they engage
    (Peter Worsley) Etc etc.

These and other highly respected sociologists' quotes are worth the mention here.
From the *definition and the quotes above, it is clear, that a society's conduct is being shaped behaviourally by these set of rules.
When these rules have been created then it become a system. So we have value system.

Who creates these values

It is essential to understand how these values that shapes the conduct of the life of any given society - large or small, in Africa, Europe or Asia - come to be. I would also bring to fore it's functionality and importance, all in the 2nd part.

Stay tuned.

Udu Ben


you got me. tuned. my upvote. thanks

@rafpomac Thanks indeed for the vote. May you continue to stay tuned. Regards

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