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It is intrinsically disheartening when thinking about the negative outcome of this very essential service in the family. Emphatically, it is indeed a very important aspect of the family requirements, but it's side effects is devastating.

Let us see what it is, does it worth the trouble?

Take a look

In view of the recent upsurge in reported cases of house-help (supposed care-giver) engaging in horrifying deeds, which often ends in unpalatable manner for the entire house hold, what should these house-holds (couples) requiring this services do? While some may advocate that families do without this service, how possible can it be and if this services must be engaged, does it worth the trouble, the traumer, the negative impact?

First, let's know the basic functions or duties of a house-help which are, but not limited to the following:

  1. Taking care of the children
  2. Cleaning of the house/compound
  3. Washing of clothes (mainly children's), car
  4. Washing of dishes
  5. Going on errands (particularly within the
    house) etc.

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Taking a look at these supposed responsibilities of theirs, one can conclude without blinking that the house-helps are essentially needed.

Reason for the need of house-help

In a situation where both couples are working class persona - going out looking for daily bread - who looks after the home and kids? In situations such as this, that home would definitely get a house-help, no doubt.
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Where is the best place to source this personels?

There are essentially two reliable sources.

  1. Family/realtive
    This is one sure source of getting a house-help,
    the reason being that such a person is known, the background check is easier to carry out. If in the course of the job the person misbehaves, it's easy to trace and fix the problem.
    Its ide effect
    There is the tendency for familiarity, which usually leads to less productivity. When it happens, the aim and purpose of getting him or her is defeated. Also, being a relative, sentiments would rear up, as such sacking such a bad fellow may not be easy.

An agent

Like in every other form of human endeavour, there are agents whose duty it is to source these personels for whoever needs their services.
They do this conveniently and for a fee which is usually negotiated.

It's side effect
There is a potent danger inherent in this source; the primary reason being that the person who needs them won't have the privilege of the background check. He will only know this his worker to the extent the agent allows. The agent is after his money (pay). In that situation, anything goes on the part of the agent.
The client stands to lose in a case of misbehaviour or other act of fraud.
The only good side this is that, the bad fellow can easily be done away with in the case of misbehaviour.

More danger

Many couples have bitten their fingers in this regard. Many examples abound.
There are reported and proven cases where domestic servants brutalises kids in homes they are supposed to be care givers. Some of these care-givers are possessed and would easily initiate the kids into the spirit world and many other forms of violence against the kids.
It's very unfortunate.

Cultural differences

Engaging a house-help who comes from a different cultural background has a negative effect. The kids would definitely be forced to learn a different culture because the parents are not always available to impart their own culture.

As a result of the bad experiences from house-help, be they from family or agents, some parents have resigned their fate to going it alone without these servants, irrespective of how essential their services are.

It is however very bad for parents to subject these domestic servants to any form of slavery. This include making them stay late at night and getting up very early which is dehumanizing.
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On both the parents and house-helps I advocate cordial relationship. If parents have promised to help in training these helps in school or to get a trade, please keep your promise.
On the part of domestic servants, be honest, be good, be dutiful so that your mater's heart will be glad to give you get a help that will lift you in life.

From the desk of Udu Ben.
(An Advocate of good relationship between domestic servants and their masters according to the word of God Almighty)


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