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Though Africa appears to be winning the war over diseases that are posing great great to the survival, development protection and participation of the child as in other clones, *female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C) still poses a huge challenge

Here we go.

Recent happenings in the country show that the Africa child, especilly the girl-child, is still subjected to some outdated practices and traditions that threaten their right to development, protection and ultimate survival.

This is an unbridled contravention of the International Child Rights Act adoptes by Nigeria in 3003 to domesticate he convention on the Right of the child. Despite the fact that some States have passed it info las, it is still a daunting task fighting the FMG/C in most parts of the Country. Very little is done in regards to the Government's intervention that underlines the need for collective action.

As at the last check, national statistics show that over 37 percent of Nigerian women between the ages of 10 and 49 are victims of this. In February 2016, Nigerian first lady, dame Aisha Buhari, Launched a national campaign to end FGM/C, imploring all parties to work together to end this harmful practise.

A negligible decrease is noticed in some parts of the country over the last 30 years though, the practise is still holding sway in most other parts. This is worrisome.
For example, in a middle aged woman, mrs Oluwakemisola False, passionately cried out for help Just in December, 2017. What an Iron!.

Consequences for Refusal by an individual

For anyone who would refuse the forceful circumcision, she will be banished by the community and other forms of harrowing punishment including the death of the child or invoking the spirits of their ancestors against such family.
No form of excuse, plea, explanation or education can be accepted by the elders and youths. The victim is always compelled to concede to the will or demand of the community.

The battle against this menace

Leading The battle against FGM/C in Nigeria, the United Nations Children's Fund, (UNICEF) condemned people's conservative attitude in propagating the menace, urging collective effort to end the practise in the country.
In the build up to mark the 2017 International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM/C, the UNICEF communication officer in Lagos, Mrs Blessing Ejiofor, explained that it comprises of all procedures that involves partial or total removal of the female external genitalia, or other cutting of or injury to the female genital organ.
She said there is Zero tolerance against it globally because it is very harmful.

The Effect of FGM/C

The Effect is grave. In addition to violation of human rights and loss of sexual pleasure, it causes infertility, infections, and maternal death.


Having seen the grave effect - the harm - it poses, let all hands be on deck to condemn this ancient and dangerous practice.
Parents wake up, Governments at all levels wake up, Groups and individuals wake up and join hands with UNICEF in fighting this evil as to safe the Girl-Child from this trauma.

From the desk of Udu Ben.


Both FGM and so called circumcision, which is really just MGM, should be illegal without consent. The problem with African countries is that they're too corrupt to enforce morally correct laws. There's always someone in a government position that can be bribed to look the other way. Hell, we have that problem even in the so called land of the free.

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