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conflicts and human nature are unarguably synonymous. Little wonder why countries, communities, groups, families, parents versus children, friends etc. go against each other. Are you cut in this web of conflict in any way?

We shall examine major reasons why it is happening so, and the effective way out of

Human beings resoundingly are social creatures. At the time of creation, God declared that it is not good for us to be alone. So He gave Adam a companion, instructed the human race to multiply and fill the earth. By this instruction He has permitted us to expand into the billions of human beings who now occupy the planet earth.
Whenever two or more of this people get together there are interpersonal relations.
Often, these relationships are not only compatible, mutually supportive and respectful, but are characterised by clear, concise and efficient communication. However, at other times, interpersonal relations are strained and marked by conflict. As a result of these conflicts the human race is under siege by way of relationship.

The big question: Can we relate without conflicts?

It is humanly impossible because of the diverse cultural differences around the World.
In Western countries, most of the twenty-first century people value individualism, independence, self-deternimation and personal freedom. These values can motivate though, but has dangerous side effect which is that the cut people off from others making them insensitive, lonely and unable to get along with one another.

In the early life of a child in the Western world, the child chafes at authority, rules, regulations and cultural traditions, but at maturity, the child get free of that's constraints. At this point, isolation and uncertainty set in about the actions and future directions. So populations that are liberated free from oppressive dictators often times disintegrate into chaos and paralysis because they confuse their new freedom with licence to do whatever they want to satisfy their own desires.

In African countries, with different cultural background though, but same results occur. And same goes with countries in Asia and of course the entire World. It's surprising that in this information age, with its many technical devices to aid communication and interaction, we still misunderstand each other.

It didn't start now

From records of human history of interpersonal problems and communication breakdown, this challenge has plagued human being from the garden of Eden. Our first parents on earth, Adam and Eve, had a disagreement about the reasons for their sin in the garden. Cane and Abel (their first two sons) had conflict that let led cane to murder Abel.

As the population multiplied violence increased and filled the earth, the argument between herdsmen of Abram and Lot, conflict between Joseph and his brothers, Saul had envy and jealous and went against David, Job and his three friends, etc. Numerous examples of family disputes and sharp disagreement and wars among cities in the ancient world as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible.

From then till now, things are not getting better.
In the New Testament, the disciples argued amongst themselves who would be greater in the in heaven, Ananias and Sapphira lied to their fellow believers, the Greeks and the Jew's were at odds with each other and there were disputes over doctrines, disunity in the churches which Paul had to address many times and so on.
However, the Bible never condoned any of the numerous disputes and conflicts as they occur.
In his later ministry, Jesus, not only taught about conflict resolution, he intervened in several disputes. Paul warned his son in the faith, Timothy, not to be quarrelsome, especially over unimportant things.

Are you in a fix now with conflict, either with your spouse, in your office, business partner, or in any way with someone. What is the cause of the dispute? Don't let it consume you.

We shall examine these causes and the remedy in the next part of this write up.

Stay tuned

Udu Ben, as ambassador of peace, always want to see people live in peace as much as possible. It's only in this way progress can be achieved.

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