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Choosing the right career is a strong determinant in how successful a child turns out later in life. The Key people in this role to guide the child on this all important choice are parents, teachers and career counsellors.

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The role of the afore mentioned persons have firm bearing and can make an indelible mark on the child.

In essence, what should be their role?
The following are some of the does and don'ts:

Study The Child.

  1. It is expedient to understand the interest as well as the ability of the child concerned. Only in this way the child can be properly guided.

  2. Don't dictate but guide

The tendency for many parents is to dictate to their children on the choice of careers that suits their own desires instead of the child's. As a result, many families and their kids have had to grope with regrets. This ought not to be.

  1. Listening well to the child

Everyone concerned in this role must necessarily listen to the child with rapt attention, flow with his or her thoughts; then where necessary, corrections can be made with intent to guide.
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  1. Flow With the Trend

For parents, teachers and counsellors to effectively help the students'career development in today's world, it crucially important that they be well versed in available career options. Trend has changed.
In today's world of information technology, career opportunities have expanded greatly beyond the traditional mind-set of I want to be a lawyer, I was to be a doctor, I want to be an engineer. They must flow with the trend.

The Role of The Teacher

The teacher play a vital role in guiding the child for career selection. Teachers constitute a major force as children grow in knowledge through their school days. In some instances, talent may seem latent and not readily recognisable.
It is important to note here that various professions require certain subject combinations that are often known by the students. It is therefore a crucial duty for teachers to prepare the students well for the academic demands of their career choices. This will eliminate the false sense of fear for certain subjects.

The Individual Uniqueness

Every individual on the surface of the earth is unique and distinct. So every child is unique with preferences which may differ from that of the parents.Therefore, parents must must not force their children on their own wishes and preferences.


Some great families in Nigeria, years past, forced their children for their preferences but it didn't work.
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  1. Justice Chukwudifu Oputa (now late) wanted his son, Charles, (aka Charly Boy) to take to his legal career (which is good if his son has same preference), sent him to England to study law. His son got there dumped the legal profession and took to music.

  2. Rev. Israel Oludotun Ransome Kuti sent his son Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti to London in 1958 to study medicine. But Fela went to Trinity College of Music, studied music and made the best of his career in music. (Both are late now though). images (11).jpeg
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  3. Sir Louis Odimegwu Ojukwu sent his son Emeka to Oxford University, the best at that time, so that he cme back and take over his business empire. Emeka got there, read history, came back and took a civil service job (for two and half years the father stayed away from him) later joined the Army. He became the first Quartermaster general in the Nigerian army and also became Biafra Head of state.
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However, some parents succeeded in the choice of careers for their children. But many did not.


parents should encourage their children to go for careers of their choice as this will determine a better part of their life story in future.
Remember that the happiness of this children is dependent on career choice, no doubt. Find out what their is and support them roundly and guide them rightly.

Udu Ben, passionate about career success of children to enhance a better world.

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