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How do I become a hero? you would ask.

By going green of course. What does it mean to go green? Find out.

Going green is a popular term used to describe the process of one's life style for the benefit of his environment. People who go green" must make conscious decision and effort about their daily lives by considering the results their decisions would have on our planet. This is terms of pollution, loss of animal habitat and other environmental concerns.

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The Three Things to be done

Here are the three most important things to do to go green

1 Sustainable Living
This is when you live a lifestyle based on energy-saving and being environmentally responsible.

2 Using Green Products
Green products are those products that do not harm the environment, whether in their production stage, usage or disposal. Each time you buy and use green products, such as solar power over generator, energy-saving bulbs, recycled paper etc, you are doing your part in preserving our cherished earth.

3 Recycling and Reusing
By endeavouring to recycle every material that is possible, e.g plastic, paper, glass, metal and re-using same, you are actually practically minimizing wastes threatening the landscape and causing hazards in our environment.
It will help decrease the need for landfill space.

Here are some Very Easy Things You can do to Help our Planet.

1 Movement
When moving (going) to places, (work, occasions etc) or traveling, what is your mode of transportation?
Drink your car, cab, staff bus where possible.
Fewer cars on the road means less pollution and less burned fuel.
This will result in better air quality and less asthma attacks on the asthmatics.

2 Reduce the waste of water
By turning off water taps while showering and brushing teeth. Most times people let water taps running while brushing or soaping during bath-taking, that is wasting of water.

3 Do not leave your lights, appliances, electronics on when not in use
Ensure you put off all your electrical/electronic gadgets gadgets including bulbs. Don't leave them on when not in use and when leaving the house or going to bed unplug them from the sockets.

4 Recycle wastes as much as it is possible
Some of the recyclable items are: glass, paper, metal, plastics.

5 Reduce the use of disposables
It's very convenient to use throwaway cups, cups/plates, wrapping papers and utensils.
These will automatically increase or create more wastes for landfills.
We can also safe more trees by using less paper products.

6 Plant a tree
Increase and sage our forest reserve by planting a tree. Infact, you will eat some of the delicious home-grown fruits these trees produces.


Environmental pollution, erosion encroachment, landfills and degradation ate some of the major concerns pervading our Various communities in and around the world.

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Contribute your own quota today towards the efforts of salvaging our environment by sharing to the simple things and ways enumerated above to safe our planet and be a hero.

Udu Ben, so concerned about environmental pollution and landfills.


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