The necessity of knowing the essence of science lessons

A teacher complained about the difficulties faced by the students to the lessons of science. As partners, we often share our complaints in class. Not only that, we also share experiences about the methods we use in the classroom.

Science lesson is one of the lesser lessons favored by children here. Only a few children are genuinely interested in science. They are the children who always get the top 10 in the class. Maybe you've experienced something similar.

On this occasion, I want to discuss about the nature of science. We should know what the essence of a lesson is. All the lessons of course. It is useful for us as teachers to find the right method. But, in this case, let's forget about the method for a moment.

In essence, science can be divided into four kinds: science as product, science as process, science as attitude, and science as technology.

Science as a product includes facts, concepts, principles, laws, and theories. At the basic level of science is divided into three, namely the science of biology (life science) that studies about the life of living things. Physics (physical sciences) who study about astronomy, chemistry, geology, mineralogy, meteorology, and physics. And earth science that studies about heavenly bodies and earth.

Science as a process involves students in practice directly outside the classroom. Students receive not only material in the classroom, but students need experiments and explorations. So, everything that relates to facts, concepts, principles, laws, and theories can prove scientifically.

Science as an attitude aims to motivate students in developing the importance of seeking answers and rational explanations about natural phenomena and physics. In social life, students will think critically about the phenomena that occur around it in a scientific framework and of course also systematic. This scholarly attitude will make students as sensitive and non-passive individuals.

Science as technology aims to make students able to take advantage of technological advances in real life. Students will continue to find out about the new things through technology that is increasingly easy to use.

Sometimes we are not aware of the essence of science learning to students. It is recognized by my partners. He complained about the limitations of practicum tools at school. For example, the unavailability of microscopes in biology lessons. This constraint is common here. You need to know, not all schools in Indonesia have a science laboratory. I do not know why. Whereas school management has proposed a proposal to the government to provide teaching aids or laboratory tools in the laboratory.

Another obstacle faced in science learning is time management. Science teachers here rarely do activities outside the classroom. This activity should not be done in the laboratory, activities outside the classroom can be done by looking for things related to living things. Students can observe, record, and summarize their observations. This is one of the essence of science. But what happens here is the lack of quality teachers who are able to understand the nature of science learning. There are some teachers who tend to enjoy the delivery of concepts without practicing.

I think it's time for teachers to continue to improve their skills by learning, either self-taught or in groups. I'm happy to do this. I want to try new things in class. That's my advice to my partners who are having trouble. []





excellent article

thanks cek gu, you have given some tips in teaching

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