Reach for Your Dream and Never Give Up! (A Story of Motivation)

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Hi, the educators!

On this occasion, I will share a story here (steemhomework). This story is a motivational story that I often hear in childhood. The names and characters in this story are just fictional. Here's the story!

Never give up! Image source: Pixabay

In a village, there was a boy about 17 years old. He was a student in a school. One day, he was studying in the classroom. Incidentally it was a lesson about virtue. His teacher uttered a sentence the boy kept in mind.

"Whoever intends to demand something, surely he will get what he's trying!"

The boy was very solemn listen to the advice of the teacher.

When home from school, the child passes a big house. On the balcony of the house, he saw a very beautiful girl. He fell in love at first sight. On the way home, her girl's face always haunted him.

The next day, he went back through the big house. Again he saw the beautiful girl. That's how for a week he harbored a sense of love in his heart. The next week, he strengthened his heart to meet the girl. That same day, he was interested in marrying the girl. You need to know, at that time, the minimum marriage age allowed is 15 years (maybe for now it is not allowed anymore).

The boy met the girl's father.

"Sir, I want to marry a girl. I often saw her on the balcony," the boy said.

The host saw the child. How impudent he came to his house to marry his daughter. The boy was definitely poor children who just want to get his money freely.

"OK! If you want to marry my daughter, you must provide a pearl obtained from the sea. If not, then do not ever dream to marry my daughter."

The boy went home. He thought, how he got the pearl from the sea. Is not that an impossible thing? He kept thinking. Suddenly, he remembered his teacher's message. "Whoever intends to demand something, surely he will get what he's trying!"

Whoever intends to demand something, surely he will get what he's trying! Image source: Pixabay

One night, he went to the seafront. He just brought a scoop. He sat on a rock. He began to drain the sea water. While draining the sea water, he said, "Whoever is serious to demand something, surely he will get what he's trying!"

He would not stop trying to get pearls from the sea. He continued to drain the water. First day, second day, third day, until the seventh day. He never stopped. Day and night.

The fish of the sea curious. One day, a minnow asked him.

"Hey, young man! What are you doing?"

"Hey, minnow! I want to get a pearl from the sea," replied the boy.

"How?" The minnow was curious.

"I'll dry this ocean with this scoop," the boy replied again.

The minnow was astonished. That is impossible. The minnow was gone.

The next day, it was the dolphin's turn to ask. The same dialogue took place. The dolphin went away.

Then it was the whale's turn to ask. A similar dialogue occurs again. The whale also went away. But the whale reported what he saw to the king of the sea. The sea king was curious about what the whale told him.

"Well, I'll see the boy," said the king of the sea.

Then the king of the sea meet the boy. He asked aloud, "Hey, young man! What you did was a waste!"

The boy insisted. "I will never stop until I get a pearl from the sea. I will remember the message of my teacher, "Whoever intends to demand something, surely he will get what he's trying!"

The king of sea was amazed! The boy was unyielding. He also ordered the fish to bring the pearl from the bottom of the sea. Not long after, the fish threw the pearl to the beach.

"Take these pearls, young man! Use it for your good cause! Now go home!" said the king of the sea.

The boy was very happy. He did not expect to get more results than he expected.

That's the story of a boy who strives to get what he wants. The moral message to be conveyed in this story is never to give up to achieve goals. Reach for your dreams!
Thank you for reading

Warm regards,
@teukumukhlis, a Steemian teacher


Good story and very good for motivation.

What a lovely story I love motivational stories. Thank you for always visiting my posts.

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