Youtubers For My Students: TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

in #steemiteducation4 years ago

Continuing the journey through youtube I want to emphasize recommending the next youtube channel on my list:
TED. The abreviation stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and this is actually a quite good description as theses are the fields which are discussed under the aspect of a vision for the future.


Originally TED was a anual conference but nowadays the videos broadcasted under this lable are much more known.

TED has usually high class experts giving a speech a live event which is filmed and shared on youtube.

They choose difficult topics and find extremely well working ways of presenting them to the wide public.

And even better - the founders of TED are so open minded that they allow independently organized events, so called TEDx. TEDx is also broadcasting their presentations and also provide a high standard in every aspects.


I highly recommend these channels to my students - will you?

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