Earth Science Focus: Little Paleontologist - Ankylosaurus

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Earth Science Focus: Little Paleontologist - Ankylosaurus

Today the little paleontologist is learning more about the ankylosaurus.

The ankylosaurus

The ankylosaurs was a very large dinosaur. Scientist predict that they where about 30 feet in length and weight about 13 000 lb. They where herbivores, but due to their weight and build they usually ate all the plants from the ground or at their height, but interesting enough they had small teeth in comparison to their size. Their teeth where about 2 cm in length.

They where also known as the "fused lizard". This was most likely due to their "defense system". You see, they had body armor at the top of their body, which helped protect them, this included their eyes, right through to their tail. Their attackers had to flip them over to get to the part where they didn't had any armor, their tummy. But in this case they most likely used their massive tail club to break the bones of the attacker.

Amazing isn't it!

This is how scientist speculate the ankylosaurus looked like.

Image Source

Video to watch about the ankylosaurus

Video Source

Ankylosaurus art for kids

Image Source

You will need the following:

  1. 2 paper plates
  2. Scissor
  3. Glue
  4. Brown paint
  5. Small rock
  6. One white paper


  1. Use one paper plate to cut out the tail, face and feet.
  2. Use the other paper for the body.
  3. Paint all the pieces brown.
  4. Use the white paper to cut out small triangles that would serve as the scales for the ankylosaurus.
  5. Put everything together and paste them at the correct places.
  6. Enjoy!

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