Drink Hot Chocolate, Learn Some Science

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This little experiment is perfect for those in the Northern Hemisphere who are entering the colder part of the year, but if it's summer time where you are, you can try it out too, there's no bad time to drink a delicious cup hot chocolate! This activity can be done with kids at home or educators can treat students to some fun teaching methods that involve this mouth watering treat, while learning something about the wonderful world of science at the same time! The materials are basic (and affordable) and the object of the activity/experiment gives good insight into how and why solid substances can dissolve in water. 

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What You Will Need:

  • 1 cup of cold fridge water
  • 1 cup of tepid water (room temperature
  • 1 cup of boiling hot water
  • Instant Hot Chocolate
  • A measuring spoon
  • A tea spoon
  • A timer
  • Pen and paper
  • Add Marshmallows for fun!

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The Experiment:

Start off by asking the children/students to write down their predictions. For instance; which cup of water do they think the hot chocolate will dissolve in first and how long will each cup to dissolve the substance?

Make sure each of your cups have the same amount of water in them, to make sure the experiment is accurate. Then measure the same amount of hot chocolate and place a heap into each of your cups. Start your timer and observe.

The results:

1. The hot chocolate in the hot water dissolved almost immediately, before it even had to be stirred.

2. The tepid water took longer to dissolve the substance and at least a minute of stirring was needed to move it along. 

3.   The ice water on the other hand did not want to dissolve the hot chocolate granules at all and after 3 minutes of stirring there was still a powdery substance that remain in the water, like in the image below:

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Why did the hot chocolate dissolve faster in hot water?

Water and hot chocolate are made up of molecules. For these molecules to merge they need to come into contact with each other (bump into each other). This requires that movement takes place, for movement to happen you need energy. Heated water has a lot more energy than colder water, which makes the molecules move around faster and the reactions are sped up.   


Now ask the students to answer the following questions, either orally or they can make notes in their books: 

  1. Complete the sentence. Molecules are always _________________________.
  2. Circle the correct answer. If molecules have a lot of energy they move faster/slower. 
  3. What type of energy can make molecules dissolve more? 
  4. Can molecules react without touching each other? 
  5. When you make hot chocolate with hot water, do the molecules move fast or slow? 
  6. Can hot chocolate dissolve completely in cold water?


Source link: https://creativefamilyfun.net/hot-chocolate-science/


End this experiment off by letting the kids warm up all the hot chocolates and add some marshmallows or whipped cream – who says science can’t be fun!  ؅

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Much love - @sweetpea

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Wow, you really turned hot chocolate into a science project! Well done!


Thanks :) I love me some hot chocolate! ;)

This is how kids learn! Real life activities are perfect for kids. They need to learn more than some abstract concept. When it is grounded in real life things like making some hot chocolate it really stays with them and they begin to make the connections! Hands on is real life!


So very true! Especially this day in age, text books aren't enough to really educate our children, they need to experiment to learn :)

Do I have to do the experiment or can I just jump straight to drinking the hot chocolate? Hehe 😜


Lol, jump straight in and do the "work" after I say ;)


Haha!! I'm all for that 😜