Ideas To Help You Design Your Beautiful Perfect Sweet Morning

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Hello, fellow Steemians! ;)

Hope everyone is feeling great, finally, the day that we all love is here the lovely Friday!

Today, I feel inspired to share with you some ideas to help you, design your perfect beautiful morning. ;-)

Get plenty of sleep, wake up early, every morning and drink a full glass of water, or tea. Your body will thank you! ;-)

Focus on what is most important, and create a list of your important goals, this list will help keep you focused on what is really important and to decide what needs to be prioritized.

This will help you avoid getting sidetracked with silly, unimportant things. :)

One of the best recommendations I can share with you is to meditate.


Meditation will help you to recognize bad thoughts that try to make a negative movie in your head without meaning, so you can focus more on being thankful for the positive things you have been blessed with.


Do your more important tasks first then the rest of your day will feel like a soft breeze. :-)

DSCF6808 (2)55.jpg

I particularly love to listen to soft music without lyrics in this way you don't get distracted from your important tasks.


Eat fruit, for example, berries, blueberries, blackberries are delicious and packed with anti-oxidants.

This is my breakfast this morning salmon sandwich which is rich in vitamins and super easy to create. :-)

Fish like salmon are the best protein choice you will feel strong, thanks to the levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which can help protect your heart.

I took these beautiful pictures this morning, very early, and I hope your day will fill amazingly happy, and full of light, and success.


Thank you for your lovely time,

Supernova55 :)

Keep yourself positive, cheerful and goal-oriented.

Don't let insignificant people ruin your beautiful day, they are the miserable ones, not you! I usually don't use this type of language, but today we find some characters that in reality make me laugh, how they pretend to be a victim, be very careful with this type of characters. My advice runs when you see them...:)

Always keep in mind, a beautiful day begins with a positive beautiful mindset.:)


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