Steemiteducation is now assigning homework... but we will REWARD you for completing it! If YOU want a piece of the pie, you have to read this post! Day 83


So you heard steemiteducation is being backed by Curie and you wish YOU could earn some of those rewards? Well now is YOUR chance! Everyone has had to suffer through homework at some point of your life...but did you ever get paid for it? 

Now you can with steemiteducation homework!

Each week we will post one homework assignment. Everyone is welcome to participate but like usual there are some requirements.  If you would like to participate follow the requirements below, tag it steemiteducation and steemhomework and our team will reward you for your efforts! 

Our first Steemithomework: (This is not a competition! All quality posts will be rewarded!)

Did one of your teachers ever use a funny video clip in your class?  Are you a teacher who has used funny clips?

We want YOU to tell us about it!  

1.  It must be an original high quality post with correct grammar usage.  

2.  No plagiarism shall be tolerated! 

3.  Only posts with a minimum length of between 250 words will be considered for rewards. (Sharing the link and then writing about the lesson taught using the clip should cover the minimum word requirement. But be creative. have fun! It can be longer).

4.  Use the following two tags : steemiteducation as well as steemhomework.

 5. Please add the video link in your post and don't forget to source the link! 

6.  Please add the link to this post in our post promotion in the comments below or on our discord server.  See the link below.

What type of posts do we support?

  • We support ALL educational posts that could be beneficial to a student or to a teacher in a classroom. 
  • We support lesson plans.
  • We support funny classroom stories. We all know kids can do and say the darnedest things.  We want to hear about that!  ( Please DON'T provide the student names)
  • Fun experiments or projects that kids could do on their own. (SAFE ones of course!)
  • Fun art projects for kids. 
  • How-to posts - eg.  How to build something/ how to do projects/study?
  • Comprehensions tests in PDF format (printable format) that could be used in a classroom. 
  • Fun stories that can be used as reading material in a classroom. 
  • Schooling/ homeschooling and even unschooling posts are welcome! 

Please take note that we will only support GOOD QUALITY POSTS! 

Just because you write an educational post does not mean that we will support you!  Because we are mostly educators it is important to take note of the following: 

  • If you use a picture and it is not your own, please add the image source. 
  • Make sure that your post is easily readable and use correct grammar and spelling. Poor language usage is a definite no-no and we will not support such posts.   
  • We have a post promotion section on our server in discord. Please stop sending inbox messages to the curators. You will be muted on Steemit and you will be blocked on the discord server.  
  • Use a proper format when writing an article.  
  • Remember that we also need your support.  If we resteem your post, please make sure to resteem our daily post so that we can also grow our account.  
  • Make sure to use the relevant tags.  One of your tags MUST be steemiteducation. 

Have a look around Steemit and use some of the interesting Science and Maths posts in the steemstem section to use in your lessons.  With your help we could change this platform into a virtual classroom!

If you write educational content, please drop you links in the Steemiteducation post promotion section on Discord. Only links with the#steemiteducation tag may be dropped in the Post-Promotion channel. Follow this link to join the server.    

Please support the other quality posts under our blog, even if it is not the subject you teach. 


Check out our video and get your friends to join @steemiteducation!!! 


Don't forget to upvote and resteem our post!


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This is a new innovation from #steemiteducation. I saw many posts ago that were written with the help of sources from the internet. But unfortunately, what they write they do not understand. I know, because they are not from among those involved in education.

Educational content is very easy to find on the internet.


That is specifically why we are now dishing out homework. We want original content.


I always support the original works. I know how hard it is to make a work. Salute to this team.


i see the same thing... i see there are few people who are posting educational content everyday... sometime more than 3 times a day. if you get in their post you will see most of the information are copied from google. they just put some of their own words like, '' do you like it?'' ''i will be posting again'' blah blah.... and they get away from cheetah. its a good news that @steemiteducation does not select those post.

Wonderful job you have done @steemiteducation, highly appreciated your this initiative. Thanks for giving advices every steemian should follow your valuable idea. Followed.

what if i dont have a video

Nice initiative. On it.

How do you know someone resteemed your posts?

You are doing a great job for motivating and study the students and kids. It will really helpful to kids.

this looks a lot like @steemdevelopers

Nice video.
clear thinking

Nice video and thanks shear it

very excellent steemiteducation! i like it the your post thanks! thanks for sharing with us.

very very excellent work.
thanks for sharing.

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nice, its good guys,.,.

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Its hard to find this great news..nice thanks to share

What do we do about the film clip homework when you are not allowed to use films in the classroom? In preschool we are noteven allowed to have our phones in the classroom.