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Do you know that an average person living in this modern age spends 4 years of his life looking down at his cellphone? Kinda ironic isn’t it, how these smart phones with touch screen can make us lose touch of our world and surrounding.

But it’s no wonder in a world filled with imacs, ipads and iphones has made us so selfish that we no longer care about anyone standing closeby anymore. There’s been lots of “I’s” these days that we no longer remember there are words like “US” and “WE”.

You see, technology has made us more selfish than ever because, while it claims to connect us to people around the world, true connection has gotten no better, but far and far apart, it has driven us all.


Well, I don’t mean to be rude here, but if people have still decided against all odds to make use of this connection website called FACEBOOK, then I have this to say to Mark Zurkerberg.

You should reclassify Facebook to what it really is…An Anti Social network.

Because while we may have big friends lists, so many of us are friend-less and all alone because friendships are more broken that our phone screens. We sit at home on our computers measuring Self Worth by the number of followers and likes, ignoring those who actually love us.


These days, it seems we’d rather write an angry post than talk to someone physically who can actually hug us and tell us it’s gonna be alright when we are broken, rather than give us fake assurances over our phone screens.

Funny enough I asked a friend the other day lets meet up face to face and he said “ Alright that’d be cool. What time do you want us to skype?” I responded with “OMG SMH” and just then I realised that I wasn’t any better than him. Do I not have the patience conversations without abbreviations? Where are we always in a hurry to?

This is a generation of media overstimulation. Chats have been reduced to snap chats and the news is 140 characters, videos are 6 seconds at high speed and the list continues.

Study shows that the attention span of the average adult today is 1 second lower than that of a gold fish. What a shocking revelation.

So if you are one of the few people who have gotten this far reading this post and haven’t closed it already then CONGRATULATIONS but let me say this. You do have a choice today but this one my friends, we cannot autocorrect just like we do with our phones. We must do tis ourselves.

Take control or be controlled. Make a decision today. Tell yourself these;

No longer would I spoil a precious moment recording it with a phone, I’m just gonna keep them. I don’t want to take a picture of all my meals anymore like people really care about what I am having for breakfast or lunch, I’m just gonna eat them. I don’t want the new app or new software or the new update when I have no updates about the lives of my loved ones and if I wana post an old photo, who says I have to wait until Thursday to make it a throwback picture?

Now hear this, are you not tired of performing in the pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted form of digital insanity?

Call me crazy, but I imagine a world where we smile when there is no internet connection and be joyful when we have low batteries rather than keep a straight face and act like the world is coming to an end because that would mean that we will be one bar closer to HUMANITY.


We can all make this happen, if we make this choice today.


We can all make this possible, if we make the choice today. I agree with you.

This is the downside of technology, true. Nonetheless, it has a lot of great sides that can and does bring people closer.

We need to make deliberate choices, like you said, to use these technologies to advance our relationships and building communities that are happy, prosperous and alive.

Thanks for sharing this.

Absolutly agree with you, it really happens to almost all people in the world whose life depended to death body called "gadget". I see closely to my first son who is very selfish because he thought that everything can be operate like he is done to his Cell phone. He have to manage the real life such as he done in his unreal life. I hope next you have to put some tips for the readers who have infected as you have written. Thank you so much

I agree with you and with @sistem.

“Start meditating” could be a good tip? ;)

Demasiado cierto amigo, ese es una de las desventajas de la tecnología, necesitamos comenzar a disfrutar más de los momentos y de las personas, no por una red social o por un medio o una fotografía, nada mejor que vivir el momento , es mejor tomar el control, saludos;)

It's been awhile since I visited your blog bro
Then I did and got to this
This is so so so.......... Words can't really express how I feel right now
But I just wanna say a big thank you for this.......
The issue is mainly with our so called social media
Nowadays people prefer to be loved by the amount of likes they get on one social media or the other than really being liked by those surrounding them physically.......
I just hope I scale through this....

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