Enriching The Power of Thinking Skill

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First Step

As the definition of something derived within varieities categories from the words classified such noun, adj, verb, & etc. I didn't mentioned all its defines here but just take one simply explanation to make it as the starting into the body of this articles mean.

Thinking is the activity of using your brain by considering a problem or possibility or creating an idea.

The defitinion mentioned above was the generally explanation of thinking, this made to help the reader ease to identify the main point of thinking means here. So then, we can easily step by step to move on the next stage of discussion.

Thinking is beyond ordinary activity which is done by us, cause by thinking we can identify, create, make, determine, decide and everything that lead you to have a way out/new found. This is just the first stage of thinking before integrating some tips in order to make it more enriched and well-produced based on your mind. Please tell if I'm wrong!

Every human being classified as the best creatures who have logics/racional (thinking) to identify or distinguish things in their life, that is why the main differential focus between us and the other creatures layed in here, Thinking!

So, when the time you think it's not mean by that you didn't need another things to make it comes well-produced/riched/powered. It is why besides having a thinking we need to make it more good ones than before as you will read this several following tips below, these tips truly will help you in order to enrich your thinking power in the community/life and etc.

Please free to spent little time to finish it! 😊

Some of Steps to Enrich the Thinking Power

1. Digging New Informations

As the time flowed by the changed, there're also the life condition/issues would changed by all of new information.

In this case, all you need to do is keep digging with it and then learn it focusly. So then by the time you've got one you will train your mind within a good thinking to identify and mastery the information provided.

2. Well Understanding

As a teaching progress mean to deliver things that well known and understood to the others/learners, so that you need to have a well understood based on something you will go through.

3. Using & Shared What You Learn

After you've got a lot of insight within your mind, don't forget to train it by use it and then also try to delivered to the others.

By the time you used to this acts, you will indeed have a power of thinking caused it hust well-trained.

4. Create Something New

Within your mind, there just a million of hiden ideas that stayed. Find it one and why not try it one within the extraordinary thinking you have.

I think this will have benefits more than just advantages toward the community, just like the @esteemapp platform that comes from a great ideas of man @good-karma, this is totally benefits toward the people all around the world.

5. Be a Part of Its in Action.

When you think of certain ideas, all you need to do is still just try to flowed with it which means you need to focused and concentrated more than just ordinary thinking.


The Workflow-Thinking Skill Enrichment Steps.

Cause when you did it, just like the quotes:

When you love what you do; you just flowed with it!

This is as the defines to make it real within our life, just be a part of what you do (thinking) then you'll find something extraordinary created.

End Point

It doesn't mean I am as the professional/expert by published this article, but its mean as the information toward the community, cause who know! Cause different pound; different fish so that hopeful its will useful and contain positivity at the end.

Thanks for Reading,


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