Eugene The Happy Fox: A Children's Story

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This is Eugene the very happy fox... But Eugene wasn't always happy. He lived with his mother in a hole under a tree and he had to eat chicken... He didn't like it under the tree and he didn't like chicken!


Everyday Eugene's mother would send him out to watch for the chickens to come out... Then she would go hunting...


Eugene didn't like it when his mother went after the chickens... he liked to hang around with his friend Angelo- the farm dog...


Angelo was nice... He would share his food with Eugene and Eugene liked this a lot. He also let Eugene sleep in his big doghouse where it was warm and soft. So when Eugene saw his mother coming for the chickens- he ran out after them yipping to scare them away. When the farmer saw this he let Eugene stay on the farm and help Angelo protect the chickens.


Eugene and Angelo would play and play...


And so there Eugene stayed... Best friends forever and ever!!!

All Images courtesy Pinterest

GIF by @papa-pepper


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I read about this story a couple years ago, truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for the smile @richq11!


I thought I just made it up lol! The story started out a lot different but the pictures didn't match- so I had to change it to go with the pictures... So much for originality!


Seriously? hahaha I guess as the saying goes, "There is no such thing as an original thought" :P I love your story by the way, I love painting foxes.

Your children's stories are so cute:) I really like them:)

Very cute, I like Eugene and Angelo :)


Thank you! It's so hard to find the right pictures. I had already written a story but had to change it to fit the pics!


I do like The Happy Fox :)


It did come out pretty cool (thanks to Pinterest)

This is how mixed breed happens.


Shame on you lol! They're "just friends."

Nice post. :)

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A very simple story for kids perhaps, at least it has a good happy ending.

I read this story first time. It's really a good story.

Great initiative friend, nice story line and great combination of words.

waooooooo i love it