Types of learning

Signal learning -this is the simplest form of learning. And it's consist essential learning of classical condition,the subject is condition to emit a describe response as are suit of the stimulus that will not ordinary produced that responses this is done by first exposing the subject to the chosen stimulus know as condition stimulus along with unconditional stimulus. Stimulus response learning -this is a more sufficticated form of learning which is know as upright condition and it was originally develop by Skinner.it involves developing desire stimulus response bound in the subject through a careful rainforcement sechudule based on the used of rewards and conscious. Change learning -this is more advance form of learning which the students develop ability to collects two or more previously learn stimulus. Verbal association -this is a form of changing in which the links between the items being collected are verbal in nature concept learning -this involves developing the ability to make a consistent respone to different stimulus that formed a common class or categories of some sorts, it formed the basis of the ability to generalize and classify. Discrimination learning -this involves developing the ability to make appropriate difference response to a series of similar ideas that different in the systematic ways. Problem solving -this is the highest level of of cognitive process. Which involves the ability to invent a complex rule procedure.