5 simple steps to increase your online visibility ,influence and authority within 30-90days.

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"When one approach (application) doesn't work, you haven't failed (you are not yet defeated);you're just one step closer to knowing what will work. "impending to the solution"

That's my tale when the journey of thought leadership started.
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My visibility was weak ,shallow and i was totally unprofessional .I thought once I have my presence online ,change my bio to something catchy ,change my profile and cover picture to something reasonable, it's done.

Little did I Know that I have a lot of mountains to climb afterwards.




Reality 1 ===> One of those truths we must embrace remains that , getting visibility online is not what you can achieve overnight .

Reality 2====> if your online visibility is strong and you are giving consistent value, your audience would be more eager to know the next thing that you have to say.

Reality 3====> People interact and do business with those people they can trust ...but before the trust factor,such an individual must be known and like.

But here, the KLT is in phases (know, like, trust) .People may know you and dont like you .People may like you and don't trust you ..and people may know you ,like you and trust you.

Reality 4====> You can not get enough engagement online if you isolate yourself,this is law of reciprocal .If you don't engage other content ,if you don't like ,comment and share others content ,your visibility is at stake .To get enough engagement ,you must be ready to "push" yourself to people via your content .




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One of my clients decided to organise an online trianing purposely for entrepreneur, She had the facilitators set .The price , the graphic design ..all was set .

But nobody registeted for her training .

If you are in her shoe ,where you spent almost 50,000 on business registration ,graphic design and all other things just to make people to accept the training and make your brand looks professional and nobody registered for it ,what would you do ?

So when the lady saw one of my comments at a Business community ,she get connected and eager to know where she got it wrong.

For a whole day ,I dedicated my time for her to see what was wrong and how I can help her to reposition her value .

During the coaching process ,i discovered some error which they have to be corrected ..

I drilled her deep and gave her some assignments afterwards.




Let me share among those commandments we must be ready to adhere to , if probably we are ready to trade our art online.

We have many of them,but i would like to explain five among them.

Very simple and these are very important hacks to increase your visibility even if you are still wannabe .


  • Go and learn how to preach your messages.


This is one of the hacks to online visibility.

I can see that a lot of people do not know their direction ,they don't have much understanding of what they desire.

Funny enough, alot of people have burning desire to express but don't know how to go about it.

Ask them ,what is your niche ? They would begin to speak in another tongues.In coherent and in concise.

When you don't know how to preach your message ,you wouldn't be know for something .

From your message ,people can relate with you better.They would know the journey which you are about to take them through.

When you don't know how to vioce your message ,you brand visibility is at risk.

Apparently ,from your message ,people can understand your brand and the person behind the brand.


  • VVF----Preach Value, make it go Viral and make it more frequent.


For every of the messages you are going to preach ,you must have the end goal in mind .

Don't sound empty ,don't sound incoherent .

Deliver value and make it go viral.

Sound your own trumpet and be consistence with it ..

"Blow your own trumpet or,trust me ,you haven't a chance "---Sarah and Paul Edwards.

People will not ask what you are selling at first, you have to initiate the conversation via your "beautiful noise" .


  • Don't isolate yourself...reach out to people .


This is one of those things that has been of help in my online visibility

Don't come online to be among the unlokers .This is a " world " where you can make meaningful friends and clients that are ready to pay for your services.

Initiate a conversation, introduce yourself o them ,let them have a taste of your service .

That is how they can be able to trust you more.


  • Don't play by their rules.


You should not play by the popular rules ,instead set your own.

A lot of people were known online because of their ability to against some popular voices .

When you go against some society opinion and you are able to give another better solution ,people would not mind to follow you.

It is just like purple cow among other cows.

We have a lot of people that gained visibility just because they don't conform with poupular notions.


  • Don't copy but follow what influencers are doing.


You can't get online visibility if you don't learn some know -how.

Learn from those whom their results were profound in the industry .

See what they are doing and how they are doing it.

To do it on your own ,it may take you a long while ,but when you adopt the blueprint of those who are getting result already ,a lot of energy would be reserved.

You have to read the list again

  • Go and learn how to preach your message

  • VVF--Preach Value,make it go viral and be more frequent(consistent) with it

  • Don't isolate yourself...

  • Don't play by their rules.

  • Don't copy but follow what influencers are doing .

I am just rooting for you. I want the best for you.

Love you BIG.

If you got value let us know in the comment box..your comments are welcome..


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I also find this post valuable, it was so detailed and i learnt alot from it. Thanks for bringing this up


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I am YouTuber. I have big business on Internet. Your post helps me.

My brother you have really done noble.
don't play by their rules caught me.
I read every line in your post.
I have also resteemed it for more visibility.
God bless your creativity.

Oh my friend, I have found this really useful and educating.
Thank you