Games bring benefits to educate children

Nowadays teachers must use easy and fun methods to put them into practice in the classroom. Children learn and have more fun. The game provides an excellent dose for children's intellectual development, sets their imagination in motion, creates solutions, but always with the help of different games. The methods a few decades ago were very strict, which could intimidate children a little, not letting them out of their comfort zone.

Learning to recognize: geometric shapes, colors, shapes, etc.

Since he is in the nursery, or begin to take his first steps, to babble sounds, begins that little worm of education where the game is essential to keep them entertained, but always learning something new. It is a powerful tool that the teacher has in his favor.

The didactic games are effective and important when it comes to teaching. There are infinities of games that we already know and others that are created by teachers either to study mathematics, learn to multiply, draw, and so they can develop their creativity with these techniques.

Pediatricians recommend itux phases:

For motor skills in babies it is recommended even for pediatricians and doctors, since these games provide the development and help to stimulate their concentration, improve their movements, their coordination.

Many experts; Psychologists, counselors, teachers, therapists advise and recommend that these games be held more often in school classrooms, as it promotes communication, creates bonds of friendship and gives excellent results. It is advised that once the teacher imposes the rules, let them negotiate between them to see how behavior and mediation flow when it comes to breaking a rule.


Improves the self-esteem of children:

Not all children are the same, some are shy and isolated, there are many things that can be useful in these cases: riddles, memories, etc. We can even, as teachers, encourage them to create their own game and share them in the classroom so that other children know what it is all about.

Memorization games

Some children find it difficult to retain information in their brain, they can not remember what they are learning for an exhibition or exam. Using these games of concentration or table, the requirements of memorization and the repetition of actions to achieve success, this helps children to enjoy learning, improving their school performance. Master, encourage yourself to implement these wonderful techniques in the classes!.


Thanks to @edu-venezuela and @steemiteducation for motivating me to write this publication.