The Guiding Principles for Effective Learning Of Kids.

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Hello, Dear Community and friends, greetings to you all. We extend Lord's blessings to each and everyone for given us another day, Amen!

Today we are looking at some of the guiding principles of effective learning of our kids. Kids are people who learn at a very short time, but curious to know a lot.


Kids are not like adult who learn from lecture method and on their own. It is not easy for them to grasp things fast since their memories are not well developed as adult.

So, the best method for them to learn is through the display a lot of learning items for them to interact with them, through this their teachers must guide them about how to use those materials.

At first, the teachers must have enough patience and time with them since they learn things slowly. At their age, anything they do, say or write should not be discouraged in order to avoid demoralisation their Spirit of learning, but they stand to be corrected and guided.

Teachers must plan their lessons very well and fix in a lot of activities on their time table, since they learn a lot through psychomotor skills, observation and sensing of objects. So, something like picture reading, display of charts, display of real objects that relate to their lessons work effectively for them.

We should identify the class type, their level of learning language or vocabulary. Their characters must also be identified by teachers, their strength and weakness, their level of consumptions differ individually, therefore their teachers must devise ways of teaching them.

There was a great debate in Ghana whether to separate the kids with disabilities from the main stream class. In Ghana we have disability Schools; like hearing impairment, death and blind. But, I think if it is not a total disability, then the kids should join the main stream School, for the purpose of them not having the feeling of being rejected or isolated.

Effective learning of kids are seen in two folds; learning in School and learning at home. In as much as teachers are ensuring effective learning in School, the same thing must take place at home in order to balance the learning.

To ensure effective learning of kids at home, teachers must lace with parents and advise them to monitor their wards learning, even if they cannot guide them to ensure whether they are on right course, they should get teachers at home to continue where the teachers ended.

The foundation of the kids education matters most. If the foundation is not built well, the future of the kids education will be destroyed. So, both the teachers and parents have the responsibility to ensure effective learning of the kids.

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