Educate Them, And Then Release It


Educate the kid to let go of. Similar to the moment when we teach them to ride a bike. We have to let go. Because they are pedaling the bike, run the bike itself, is the essence of riding a bike. We can not call our child can ride a bike, if we continue to hold the bike, isn't it?

Anyway, we will not be able to continue to hold their bikes. We will be tired, and exhausted. Our children will someday be so adult humans. He will have his own life. They have to decide every step they will take, and most importantly, responsibility for that decision. Then our job is to give them victuals, so that they are able to make a decision, execute it, and the responsibility for that decision. Including, make another decision as a consequence of the previous decision.

But a lot of parents forget about that. They educate the child as a person was about to print something. The form of printouts should fit their desires.

Then, a lot of people competing to cram their ambitions on the child, since early. While they are still small, do not have the power to declare the will. Hope they, the parents, the form of which they create it will not change.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case. There are millions of stories in which the future parents are disappointed, when you find her don't fit her expectations. Not infrequently it resulted in a breakup between parents and children. They are so hostile

Imagine with the story of the bike ride earlier. It is the parents who continue to hold the bike his son, while his son is riding a bike around the residential complex. If we see parents like that, we'll agree that he's crazy.

Realize that we live in different times with our children? Our childhood is different with their childhood. Their future is also different with the time when we lived as an adult.


When we press our children to pursue life according to our thoughts, a reference we may the past, in our dreams when we were little. Or, at the present time, when we become their parents. As well as our vision of the future, will not be much. We can't imagine a world that will be undertaken of our children. Especially now, when the change takes place very quickly.

Then, in my opinion, it is better if you prepare them to be people who know how to live in their times. How the way of life in their times? Let them search and decide. We just need to equip them with the basic ability, namely the ability to learn, kemandiriaan, order, and a tribute to mankind.

We give them the ability to learn, without the need to emphasize what they should learn. We give them the ability to be independent, we did not specify what they will take to live independently. We teach them to discipline, but not to impose values that we have adopted now.

Because, even the value was changed according to the times. Only one thing that should not be changed, i.e. that the human must be valued as a human being. Educating our children is to value them as human beings

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