Home School Log 3: Working With Personal Information Blanks And Lots of Maps

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I grew up with labels and most of them came from my teachers. Smart, funny, and sarcastic were often words used to describe me. This made it really difficult for me to ask for help as a student.

I would ask questions to answers I really needed and many times teachers and students alike would both laugh.

"She must be joking"

It affected me worse with geography, and as I got older the problem simply got more intense and harder to fix.

"How come North is pointing down on this map?" I would ask.

Laughter. Giggles. "Metzli is so silly."

"Wait. Portugal is not in South America? Aren't you Portuguese? And from South America?"

Head shakes. Frowns. "You are confusing the other students with your side long commentary. Please stop calling our Foreign Exchange Student a Colonizer."

The worse was when I would directly ask for help, especially when I didn't know what I needed help with. Of course the test answers were always right, teachers make it so that you can answer the questions to the test they want you to pass. A student who is a horrible speller can get along with memorizing 10 words per week (and then promptly forgetting them). I would learn that Political Maps were different colors, learn a few key Countries and Cities, and of course, I always had an "A." How do you show up for tutoring at the Library when you have an "A" in all of your classes?

This is something I am working to remedy as a Home School Teacher

I admit to my kids when I have information blanks, and I fill my Classroom (living room) with lots of resources that make the information easier to explain. The internet is great, but sometimes sifting through a book, and then another book with the same exact info, and then even another book is the way to get the information to form in your head.

Because my downfall was maps and Geography, the one subject that taught me that learning everything is NOT possible, I fill my home with lots of Maps.


We learn about what the rest of the world knows us for. Los Angeles Sky Scrapers and the Golden Gate Bridge. We point at The Bridge and laugh when we can see it by our shorelines, and we think about how huge LA is while we drive down the 5 Freeway. All the dessert of the "congress created dust bowl signs" with all of the nut farms, and fruit orchards, and double rainbows yet all the maps know is “LA.”

How come they don't show our Island on many maps?


Here is Malaysia, where some of the @modmamas from #steemitmamas are. We learn about time differences and about how the Sun guides much of what we do.


We have friends from Cambodia (hi @mummamonza) and Vietnam and Laos and Thailand. We discuss the originality of the food we have tasted from those places, and wonder if people from Cambodia think that Malaysian food is similar to theirs.

We take the time to laugh at ourselves and marvel at home obviously different popusas, tacos, and tamales are. Black beans, pinto beans, Peruvian beans... are the beans so obviously different to people who don't eat beans everyday?


Africa is HUGE. We often discuss which of the many Countries Ana Hibiscus is from. Atinuke is our current favorite author (well, mine, and I make them read LOTS of her books). We also wonder why "they" make Africa look so small on maps. Then we talk about who "they" is.


Point to where Granny Canada lives. Can you tell me where Pinkalicious was swept away to. Yes, Australia is both Country and Continent. No, white people did not originate in Australia, Australia has a similar History than "America."


How do all these places fit into our Solar System?


And always practice your times tables. It makes all math easier if you know these by heart.

Our Schedule Today

Was filled with more reading, lots of google searches, and lots of hopping around counting. We played lots with our alphabet stickers and did lots and lots of journaling.

Thank you for stopping by today to see what we have been learning.


images and graphics used are mine and compiled together using Canva or simply uploaded from my phone. except the banners which are used with the permission of the community who they were created for

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Fun time, I wish I was in your living room when I was a kid!

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what a fun way to learn! love your approach!

Congratulations @metzli , love is the main ingredient for a succesful teaching, and you show a lot in your post.

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