Home School Log #1

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The hardest part of teaching for me is the preparation it takes. As a Home School Mom who spends most hours of the day with her children, finding time to prep has been even more challenging.

My solution is to include my children in the prep

It is their education, their home/school, their time, so they should be included. I purchased a few workbooks they think are interesting and we bought a few supplies, but everything else is being created by them for them, and as a part of school.


In the next few days we will be printing out blue prints (and figuring out if its cheaper to purchase a printer or get projects printed at a shop, analyzing the "other" costs of every family having a printer) for each of their grades, we also have some journals for math, reading, free writing, history, and science plus we will be working on our projects.

Our projects are basic for now. Back to school shopping, schedule creation, classroom setting including painting a wall and hanging our posters. Lunches and budgets, and of course, their favorite, planning for celebrations.




And reading. Lots and lots of reading.

My students were ready to get started bright and early. Something about sharp pencils and blank journals keeps everyone in this family happy. They spent the day on their workbooks, playing with clay, learning some light coding, and practicing their fine motor skills.

I also took the middle child for a walk and quizzed her on the way AND stopped by The Re-Crafting Company which consigns craft supplies. I ignored the wool and cotton yarn and went straight for the stickers. All home schools need stickers right?


It was a great day and if all our days are as productive as today, we will be learning and moving right along in our schooling.


images and graphics used are mine and compiled together using Canva or simply uploaded from my phone. except the banners which are used with the permission of the community who they were created for

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Thanks for the feature. I joined the discord.

Really awesome to read about homeschooling. It seems like a very big task to tackle, but I have heard of the benefits, so the whole process must feel rewarding.


It really is, thank you for stopping by.

Aww! I love the hug breaks and pants optional rule! Hahahahaha


I was laughing too, but was serious anyway.

Good to see you here, welcome. You started very well


Thank you, I'm full on having fun with it now!

Pants are certainly optional! I can't find it now, but my favorite back-to-school meme right now has regular school kids buying clothes, homeschoolers buying PJ's and unschoolers buying underwear. 🤣


That's kind of hilarious. HAHAHA. I was prepared to spend MORE on school supplies this year because I was providing everything but ended up saving some $$$ as I didn't have to replace any backpacks, thermoses, lunch containers or buy packs of materials for the whole classroom to use.


@metzli Ooh! Good point! I forgot all the stuff you have to buy now! I remember when the schools would provide all that stuff! 😱

100% upvote from @betgames!

Great sharing! Have you ever run out of ideas ?


Not yet! And let’s hope I don’t ;)


That's cool. :) mind to share with me on your ideas. My discord is fruityexplorer too:)