Inside the ant colony is like a way we all live.

We plan and work out systems to make life more convenient.

At least we can talk and plan but they can hardly see. 

image source

Yet if we watch the ants we cannot believe how they work through touch and smell.

It is wonderful how ants work out a system to search.

The more ants the more thorough they will search.

They all work together and that is information for us to use.

It is told in the bible for us to go and watch the ants and become wise.

It does seem as if we have learned a lot from them.

Certain systems that ants teach us are being used on computers and other things.

Ants never have traffic jams as they will split up and let the one with food through that way they are always on the move.

If you watch this video you will not believe how well they actually communicate.

I hope you enjoy and realise that we are really learning from the ants.

Hope you have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast. 

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