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Yesterday I wrote about friendship and today I found this video about friendship.

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You should really show this to your children and grandchildren as it is truly remarkable.

A child who has a dog is always happy especially if he or she looks after them very well.

courtesy of you tube

Maybe this is the best friend that your child could ever have as they are just happy with what you expect from them.

Life without my dog would be sad as he just is a real treat.

He actually thinks that he is human. 

What do I mean by that?

I truly think that my dog does not realize he is a dog as he does everything you tell him to and he does understand.

He even snores worse than I do my wife says.

If you tell him to eat his food and he stands, I tell him that humans do not stand and eat then he sits down.

When he drinks his water I tell him to slow down as he is going to cough and starts sipping it slowly.

He knows exactly when it is 8 o’clock for him to go out for the last time and stands and waits for me.

He then comes back and goes to bed.

If we have our time on the deck where we sit and listen to the sea breaking on the waves, he looks at me to make sure I hear and he sits on his own chair.

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So this except for my wife, he is my best friend.

He loves sleeping between me and my wife on his back so that is probably why he snores so much.

He waits until we are both asleep and then crawls in between us.

image source

Now if that is not a human dog like the children did when they were small I am really getting old.

At least we do not wake up in a wet bed like we did with the children.

So please teach your children that a dog is a wonderful friend and must be treated as his or her best friend.

I hope you love this video and have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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I love dogs but my mom dont allow pets at home

@methusalem in most cases dogs ate more loyal than humans that makes them irresistibly adorable

Fun fact dogs and dolphins evolved from a common ancestor that is neither dog nor dolphin.

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