I was surfing the net again today, as I am so impressed with myself for being able to learn how to do this.

image source

I went through the most interesting videos and other things until I found this video.

I taught maths for many years and this really surprised me as some of them I knew, but there were really some I had never seen.

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I think it is so easy to make life easier for children by doing these “tricks” as they really work. 

I found it so interesting and asked around the house if any of them knew this and most did not so I did not feel so bad.

image source

This video is so well explained and so nice that I thought it would help more people who did not know.

Maybe the very clever people reading here knew this, but to me it was a lot of fun and I really learned something.

At our age we suddenly realise that you are never too old to learn.  I find that I learn things daily, and that is not because I had forgotten them as you might think.

image source

Not that at our age we do not forget things, but I really feel if a maths teacher see this they can make life a lot easier for the children in their class.

It is not wrong to make things easier as some children really need help and these few “tricks” might just help them a little.

It is always good to make life especially maths easier for children yet they must still know their tables to understand these.

I always say that children should know there tables like 1+1=2.

image source

If you do not know your tables, you will never be good at maths.  So everything is not a trick, most of it is hard work, and knowing your multiplication tables.

I am now putting this video in here for you to watch and enjoy. I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

courtesy of you tube

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a wonderful day from the Wild Coast.

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