When children really want to become architects it is something we love as it is a child who knows what they love and really want to do.

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I found this wonderful video that I think all architects should see.

These magical homes are made of bamboo and it is eco-friendly.

It is so important to try and save the earth from being ruined by taking down a lot of our forests.

Bamboo grows at a wonderful rate and they can replace themselves.

I never realised that bamboo grow so fast and that it is so strong.

This video is magical as these are beautiful houses and they use nothing else than bamboo.

I must say I take my hat off to this lady and her dad.

Can you believe at the effort that goes into these houses?

This is also a wonderful way of creating jobs for people who need it badly.

I never realised that bamboo is so strong and that it does grow so fast.

Why can we not stop chopping down forests that are beautiful and animals will also survive.

Using bamboo seem like a wonderful idea to me.

Hope you have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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