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Teach children to live a good life and follow this wonderful video.

Sometimes we feel that things are going wrong, instead of complaining make peace and think who was wrong you or the other person.

It does not take much to say how sorry you are.

It just makes you a better person.

Life is short and we should all try and live it well.

I found this video and it really makes you think about how life works.

If children do not learn where their real strength comes from, it is the fault of the parent.

Do we still teach our children that we have to have the right crutch? 

Life has become so fast and we are inclined to skip the most important part of bringing up children.

If your child knows that he can ask for help it will always make a difference in life.

I do not want to preach to anyone but just remind them that time is passing us by to do the right things in life.

We have had a wonderful life these last 50 years and have a grandson who is turning 21 tomorrow.

I am so thankful that we are able to see this and enjoy them because not everyone does get that chance.

Be thankful and have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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