Today is such a wonderful sunny day here on the rock, and it does make me so happy to sit here and enjoy the wonder of the world.

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Today I am thinking back about my own children as well.  They were only two but sometimes they felt like ten.

Our son is very busy has was born busy.  He is still one of the busiest people that I have ever met.

The one thing that we can say about them is that they never have a bad word for anyone.

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If you just dare say something that sounds as if you are talking about someone not in the nicest way he will be the first to say, leave it that is their thing, and we cannot say what they should be doing.

He is always looking for the best in people.  That is something I really appreciate about both our children.

Now why can we not teach children in school, not to be like that as there is so much heartache in the world?

If we can teach all children to find something good in the people, then it is possible, we must find some good.  There is no way that there is not something good in someone.

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I really wish there was a way that we can realise that there is something good in every person.

If we bring that little bit of goodness out it will grow to more.

Therefore I am proud of my children, and I really tried very hard to teach them this, but then I did the same at school.

As I wrote yesterday, there are people that were just made differently.

It is not their fault, but there is just no way to you help them as that is a sickness like alcoholism.

These are not that many, and sometimes it is better to identify them as young children and maybe get them help from trained people.

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There are so many different things on the market today, which the clever people developed. Like a pill or maybe something I do not know about.

What I do know about is that we must really try helping these people.

Sitting here I am laughing as I remember that my son was only 5 and he ran a race with his best friend in the athletics. He was a little faster than the friend, so he stopped and waited for him.

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We were shouting at him to run and he said he could not run away from his friend.  Why I remembered this today I do not know, but it was really hilarious to see this little boy waiting for his friend.

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I know I am rambling a bit about doing good to others, but I just feel happy here and it could not do anyone harm if we all taught children to look for the good in others.

Life is wonderful and when everyone is happy it can be so much better.

I must stop talking now, as my rugby team is going to play, and hopefully we will win the game, it will just make my day better.


What about a situation you are trying to see good in a person and the person is not seeing the good him his or herself....

... You will win hopefully or let me say u won because am replying this article late

Nice words @methusalem

That is very kind of you thank you.

Your perspective on people is not determined by their perspective of themselves. If we choose to see the good in people, we will see good in them. It may or not change their perspective of themselves. Great article! God bless!


Your are very correct
It's hard to make people see what you are seeing

my senior @methusalem :)
is that your child's picture?
may he be a lamp in the darkness, may he be a helper to the oppressed.

No sir, but he is grown up now, 44 years old, and a wonderful person, husband and father. Thank you for reading and may you have a good day.

Your child is older than me. I am 31 years old now.
Amiin. You too, thanks my senior...

Nice Post,
Done Follow, Please FollBack :)

Thanks You.

your post all so good.i like it @methusalemDQmYfKYGX2M8Qc8nNUi6TqUzHKoeLmafZ6PVBMjt7wjXe5R.gif

Really make me amazed,,,
Thanks for sharing my friend,,

EL cultivo de la inocencia gran regalo a la humanidad....gracias

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